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K-Dramas With Love Triangles

5 Must-Watch K-Dramas With The Best Love Triangles

K-dramas have been our entertainment saviours for the longest time. With the twists and drama that’s packed in every episode, it’s safe to say that it’s impossible to not fall in love with the world of K-dramas. But the one trope we see pretty often is the love triangle. The concept of ‘second lead syndrome’ is not lost on K-drama enthusiasts and h

Thriller K-Dramas

7 K-Drama Thrillers That Will Have You At The Edge Of Your Seats

It’s almost criminal how a majority of people associate K-dramas with heartwarming romances and melodramatic performances. While they’re not completely off the mark (nobody does romance as well as K-dramas), there’s a huge range of genres of TV shows that largely remain unexplored by the legions of K-drama addicts over the world. One of these hidde

Lee Min-ho TV Shows

7 TV Shows Starring Lee Min-ho Every K-Drama Fan Needs To Watch

Non-Korean drama addicted audiences got a crash course in a period of tumultuous Korean history with Apple TV’s period drama Pachinko. The show, based on Min Jin-lee’s bestselling eponymous novel, spanned generations of a Korean family and the trauma they endured from Japan’s occupation of Korea. Aside from gaining an appreciation for Korean litera