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7 Underrated Romantic Comedies To Watch This Weekend

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Have you exhausted your go-to list of romantic comedies to binge after your 375th rewatch of 10 Things I Hate About You? Fret not, you’re in the right place.

True lovers of the genre will know that there’s more to rom-coms than Julia Roberts’ perfect smile and grand gestures like the contentious airport chase, though nobody is denying their superior healing power. There are some titles in the category that are as heartwarming as they are swoon-worthy.

So if you want to update your romantic movie night selections with some fresh, underrated rom-com titles, here are some of our favourite lesser-known movies that are perfect to binge-watch this weekend…

The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)

This rom-com talks about the mundane, yet profound, task of letting go of the materialistic reminders of your failed relationships. Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan) is devastated after an unexpected break-up when she runs into hotelier Nick (Dacre Montgomery). The two come up with an idea of a gallery where people can leave memorabilia from their past relationships, titled The Broken Hearts Gallery. The two discover more about themselves over the course of providing other heartbroken people a chance to let go of their pain physically.

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The Decoy Bride (2011)

This one has all the tropes that we love about the genre. There are fake relationships, elaborate weddings, and an enemies-to-lovers romantic arc. Super popular Hollywood star Lara is getting married to British author James (David Tennant) on a remote Scottish island. When paparazzi get wind of the high-profile wedding, the actress’ PR team comes up with the idea of planting a decoy bride with James to ward off the nosy reporters. Cue said decoy bride Katie (Kelly Macdonald), who needs the money to help her ailing mother. Predictably, the two don’t get along in the beginning but that soon begins to change as they start to spend more and more time together.

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What If (2013)

Medical school dropout Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) discovers that nothing in his life is really going his way, be it his career or his love life. When he meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan), his best friend’s cousin, the two hit it off instantly, sharing undeniable chemistry. Just when Wallace thinks his life is taking a turn for the better, he discovers that she is in a serious relationship already. The story follows their developing relationship as friends with Wallace trying hard to curb his growing feelings for Chantry despite all evidence suggesting how perfect they would be for each other.

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About Time (2013)

This movie is like a warm hug and a nice, toasty cup of hot chocolate combined in one. Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers that the men in his family can time travel. Naturally, he uses his newly discovered abilities to aid him in his search for true love. Made by rom-com expert Richard Curtis, the movie also stars Rachel McAdams, Margot Robbie, and Bill Nighy.

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Just Married (2007)

Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy star in this romantic comedy about what happens after the ‘swept-off-your-feet’ happy-ever-after ending. Sarah and Tom get married, despite strong opposition from her parents, and the two decide to head to Europe for their honeymoon. It soon becomes evident that the universe is conspiring against their union as a series of misadventures prevent them from fully enjoying their honeymoon, including the fact that the couple is hiding potentially relationship-destroying secrets from each other. It doesn’t help that Sarah’s parents send her ex-boyfriend to Europe in an effort to sabotage their honeymoon.

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Down With Love (2003)

This witty homage to a genre distinct to the 1960s is a romantic comedy starring Ewan McGregor and Renée Zellweger. Set in the same era, the story follows journalist Catcher Block, a through-and-through ladies’ man, who decides to seduce writer Barbara Novack, a strong advocate of the new belief that women don’t need men to make them happy. Needless to say, his plans start to fall apart when he begins to fall for the writer.

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Just Like Heaven (2005)

This romantic fantasy is based on Marc Levy’s 1999 novel If Only It Were True. In the movie, David finds his new residence haunted by a ghost called Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) who doesn’t really believe she is dead and has no memories of her life. Now David has to help Elizabeth remember who she was and move on while fighting the growing attraction between them.

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