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7 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make You Swoon

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you love romantic K-dramas like Crash Landing On You and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, then you cannot give these Korean BL dramas a miss.

BL, or Boy Love, dramas feature queer love stories and have gained immense popularity in East Asian entertainment, especially Thai and Taiwanese TV shows like KinnPorsche, starring everyone’s favourite Mile and Apo. But over the past few years, the South Korean BL industry has also started delivering shows that have found a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Like regular K-dramas, these BL TV shows feature the same airbrushed perfection in the production values, tried-and-tested (and beloved) tropes, and swoon-worthy leads.

So, if you’re intrigued, we’ve curated a list of some of our favourite Korean BL dramas you can watch online now…

Best Korean BL Dramas To Watch

Blueming (2022)

After being mocked for his appearance while growing up, Cha Siwon decides to make it his mission to become the most good-looking and popular student on campus. So, naturally, when he meets new student Hyeong Da-un, who is rich and effortlessly popular (on top of being devastatingly handsome), it doesn’t go down well with him. But as the two start getting to know each other, their feud blossoms into a beautiful romance. The show has been adapted from the popular webtoon Who Can Define Popularity?.

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Happy Ending Romance (2022)

This BL drama features a love triangle between two writers and a publisher. There’s disgraced author Cha Jung-woo, who is blacklisted in the industry after he tried to expose the corruption of a famous writer. The only person in his corner is Kim Jung-hyun, a famous writer in his own right who believes in Jung-woo. Things get complicated when successful publisher Han Tae-young approaches Jung-woo with an offer that seems to good to be true.

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Our Dating Sim (2023)

If you love workplace romances, do not miss this one! This BL drama follows Lee Wan who joins a company that is working on a dating simulation game. To his shock, he realises that he would have to work with Shin Ki-tae, an old friend and crush who (apparently) rejected his confession back then.

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Sing My Crush (2023)

Based on the webtoon Ttarabaram, the show is about the blossoming romance between two aspiring musicians. The story takes us through their journey from reluctant friends to bonding over shared issues and heartbreak.

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Semantic Error (2022)

The show follows Chu Sang-woo, a computer science major who believes in following strict rules and protocol, and Jang Jae-young, a free-spirited design student who wants to do nothing more than ruffle Sang-woo’s feathers. It’s a fun and delightful drama that’s perfect for BL beginners.

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The Eighth Sense (2023)

In this coming-of-age BL drama, Jihyun struggles to adjust to life in the bustling city of Seoul after moving there from a small town. His only salvation is a surfing club where he meets Jaewon. The two began to get close and feelings began to develop. But can they move past their issues to accept love? You’ll have to watch the drama to know more!

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Individual Circumstances (2023)

When young and successful movie director Ha Yeon-woo comes up against a creative slump, his solution is to go back to the unfinished novel by a mysterious author who inspired him all those years ago. But things get complicated when he discovers that the author is an old acquaintance who wants nothing to do with him!

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