Shanaya Kapoor in White Dress© Instagram

Shanaya Kapoor’s Slinky White Dress Is An Ode To ‘90s Elegance

Shanaya Kapoor, the beacon of modern glamour, recently graced The Archies premiere in a stunning white gown that effortlessly captured the essence of sophistication with a nod to the timeless elegance.

Envision iconic red carpet moments—the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow (arm-in-arm with Brad Pitt) gracing the 68th Academy Awards in a Calvin Klein slip dress or supermodel Naomi Campbell, reminiscent of The Princess Diaries, in a high-neck gown at the same red carpet in 1996.

Not to mention, the sparkling allure of Winona Ryder at both the 66th Academy Awards and the 1996 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in her white-hued Old-Hollywood-style gowns. And, of course, the eternal image of Marilyn Monroe in her iconic ‘Little White Dress’.

Brad Pitt and Gweneth Paltrow arriving at the 68th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles©GettyImages
68th Academy Awards©GettyImages
66th Annual Academy Awards©GettyImages
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Shanaya Kapoor’s gown effortlessly captured the essence of the ‘less is more,’ a mantra that epitomised 90s fashion—a decade celebrated for its minimalist yet profoundly impactful style.

The Ensemble

shanaya kapoor white dress©Instagram
shanaya kapoor white dress©Instagram

Shanaya’s gown, a creation by the renowned designer Norma Kamali, was a captivating display of modern chic. The snow-white gown, crafted from luxurious satin fabric, featured a plunging cowl neckline, a figure-hugging fit accentuating her curves, and a graceful fishtail hemline that added a touch of timeless glamour.

The Styling

shanaya kapoor white dress©Instagram
shanaya kapoor white dress©Instagram

Assisted by celebrity fashion stylist Mohit Rai, Shanaya’s ensemble was elevated with carefully chosen accessories. An elegant blue emerald necklace by Mahesh Notandass adorned her neckline, striking a perfect balance between boldness and understated elegance. The minimalistic approach to accessories allowed the gown to take centre stage.

The Make-Up

shanaya kapoor white dress©Instagram

Make-up artist Stacy Gomes worked her magic, enhancing Shanaya’s natural beauty with a make-up palette that embraced subtlety and radiance. Nude eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, mascaraed lashes, blushed cheeks, luminous highlighter and a shade of nude lipstick harmonised seamlessly to create a look that was both angelic and understated.

The Hair

shanaya kapoor white dress©Instagram

Shanaya’s lush black locks, styled into soft curls by hair stylist Poonam Solanki cascaded down her shoulders, adding a touch of romance to the overall look. The choice of leaving her hair open at the centre perfectly complemented the sophistication of the ensemble, creating a mesmerising effect as she moved.

Norma Kamali’s Signature Touch

shanaya kapoor white dress©Instagram

The gown’s designer, Norma Kamali, renowned for her contemporary yet timeless creations, delivered a masterpiece that effortlessly blended modern aesthetics with classic allure.

In essence, Shanaya Kapoor’s slinky white gown was more than a fashion statement; it was an ode to 90s elegance. The combination of subtle styling, make-up and the timeless silhouette of the outfit transformed this ensemble into a standout moment, solidifying Shanaya’s status as a true trendsetter in the world of fashion.

So, who’s ready to ‘sleigh’ their Christmas party in a white dress and create a look that’s as timeless as the season itself?