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This Is The One Fashion Rule That Shanaya Kapoor Always Follows

Shanaya Kapoor has established herself as a fashion “it-girl” among the crop of young talent emerging within Bollywood. The 24-year-old is often seen emulating global trends, be with her off-duty dressing or while turning showstopper for the country’s top designers.

And with such powerful fashion sensibilities at her disposal, it comes as no surprise that Shanaya Kapoor is garnering attention from the fashion and beauty industry. Just recently, she was announced as the new brand ambassador for the homegrown fashion brand, Madame.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Shanaya Kapoor for a quick chat about fashion. From talking about her biggest fashion inspirations to revealing which item she treasures the most in her wardrobe, we got the chance to explore the GenZ style icon’s relationship with fashion. Read the full interview below…

Shanaya Kapoor On All Things Fashion

HELLO!: How would you describe your relation with fashion?

Shanaya Kapoor: “My relationship with fashion is very personal. It’s all about being unique, celebrating the differences, being myself and having a good time.”

H!: What are the items of clothing you always find yourself gravitating towards? What is your inherent aesthetics?

SK: “I think my inherent aesthetic is very minimal and very classic. Just a good pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt is my go-to wherever and whenever.”

H!: Describe your ideal outfit to wear to a date night, to a girls‘ night out and to a press event…

SK: “Okay, so my date night look would definitely just be a pair of nice black jeans. It’s classic. You can never go wrong and I would just play around with my hair and makeup. For my girls‘ night out, I would definitely want to be comfortable because I’m pretty sure I would just be dancing the night away. So, I would be in jeans, a crop top and sneakers. And for a press event, I would definitely wear a white formal dress with a nice pair of heels. White is my favorite color, so it’s an easy option for me for a press event.”

H!: What is the one fashion rule you always follow?

SK: “The fashion rule that I always follow is make sure that your outfit is fitted properly. I think that if it’s not a good fit, it will always go wrong. You can be wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, but if the fit is good, people will look.”

H!: Who has been the best influence on you when it comes to fashion?

SK: “The best influence on me… I think Princess Diana, I would say. I’ve always said, it’s because she’s extraordinary. Extremely classic. She was herself in the midst of a lot of chaos. She just represented herself and represented her personality through her clothes and I loved that.”

H!: What is the most treasured piece of clothing or accessory you own? And why is it special?

SK: “I think my most treasured piece of accessory would be my watch because it was a dream for me to purchase and I didn’t expect myself to get it. But, I did and it was a very special moment for me and my family as well.”

H!: What is the best fashion advice you can give someone?

SK: “My best advice would be that.... fashion is everywhere but style is something that you possess. Style is about who you are. It’s not about purchasing the best thing or the most expensive thing. It’s about figuring your style out and that is all about who you are.”