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Side Swept Bangs Are Making A Nostalgic Comeback And Here’s Proof

In the grand tapestry of hair trends, one style seems to have defied the sands of time and made an audacious return to the forefront—side-swept bangs. From the iconic scenes of The Hills, Gossip Girl and Hannah Montana to the red carpets of A-list galas, the nostalgic Y2K charm of side bangs has staged a triumphant comeback. In a world where trends make comebacks all the time, it seems the era of heavily-filtered top angle Orkut selfies has cast its spell on hairstyling once again.

The Evolution Of Side-Swept Bangs: A Walk Through Time

As we embark on this follicular journey, let’s rewind the clock to the late 2000s. Bright coloured leggings, owl necklaces, layers upon layers and an obsession with sharing outfits on a fledgling social network were the hallmarks of the era.

The rebellion against corporate culture found its expression not only in fashion but also in hairstyles that embraced the unkempt and unapologetic look.

Side bangs, once the quirky companion of reality stars like the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore cast , have transcended the years, evolving with each decade. From the sleek straightness of the 2000s to the more versatile and personalised styles of today, side-swept bangs have proven their timeless appeal. Hairstylists of 2023 have embraced the trend, weaving it into the fabric of modern aesthetics with a touch of edge and structure.

The Side Bang Renaissance Of 2023: A Red-Carpet Affair

3rd Annual Academy Museum Gala - Arrivals©GettyImages
3rd Annual Academy Museum Gala - Arrivals©GettyImages

Fast forward to the glitz and glamour of 2023, and side bangs are not just making a statement; they are practically declaring their reign on the red carpet. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Keke Palmer and even Meryl Streep at the Academy Museum Gala have donned the nostalgic style, proving its versatility and black-tie event approval.

3rd Annual Academy Museum Gala©GettyImages
3rd Annual Academy Museum Gala - Arrivals©GettyImages

From chic updos to the traditional late-aughts swoop that covers one eye, the side bang’s versatility shines through. Stars like Christina Ricci and Eva Longoria showcase how side parts can seamlessly integrate with sophisticated hairstyles, while others like Dua Lipa embrace the MySpace-era-inspired fringe with a rebellious flair. The resurgence of side bangs in high-profile events is a testament to their adaptability and timeless allure.

The Unlikely Return Of Side Fringes: From Y2K to 2024

Remember the side fringe that adorned the foreheads of Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato back in 2009? The cyclical trend cycle, much like the return of low-rise jeans and butterfly clips, has brought side fringes back from the hair society fringes.

2023 emphasises the soft and feathered approach to keeping side fringes modern. It seems the side fringe—once banished to the ‘never again’ pile—is cool again, as witnessed on trendsetters like Suki Waterhouse and Sydney Sweeney, who effortlessly blend Y2K nostalgia with contemporary style.

The Modern Take on Side-Swept Bangs

The modern side-swept bang can be described as the front section of hair cut shorter and angled diagonally across the forehead. Unlike its predecessors, today’s side bangs offer unparalleled versatility. From the sleek and straight mod look of the ‘60s to the voluminous ’80s wave and the textured ‘90s Rachel cut, side-swept bangs have adapted to every era.

Present-day side-swept bangs, as seen on the runways and red carpets, involve personalisation to complement various hairstyles.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re embracing the rebellious pouffe, the sleek side bang or the unexpected return of side fringes, the key is to keep it modern, healthy and, most importantly, confidently rock the look. After all, it’s just hair, and as the saying goes, it’ll grow back—perhaps with a touch of Y2K flair.