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All The ‘It-Girls’ Are Getting Candle Light Hair This Season

It’s August, which means the season of pumpkin spice lattes is just around the corner. This fall, however, the candlelit brunette hair is the trend to opt for, if you’re looking to jazz it up and maximise on the autumn vibes.

Autumn (or even monsoon for India) is a season of its own aesthetic charm—the dark nights, twinkling lights, and the cosy warmth of candles. It’s only natural that we’d want our hair to reflect this delightful ambiance.

candle light hair trend©Instagram

Enter the ‘Candle Light Brunette’ hair colour trend—a delicately blended, glossy colour that exudes warmth and reflection like when illuminated by lamps, glimmering Christmas or Diwali lights. With a halo of soft highlights to frame the face, this trend adds a healthy glow to your complexion, effortlessly enhancing your winter look.

The Artistry Behind Candle Light Brunette Hair

Candle light brunette hair is all about embracing the natural beauty of brown hair without resorting to one-dimensional flat colours. Pro hair colourists insist on recreating the multi-tonal magic of our childhood hair. By incorporating ultra-fine babylights, one is able to lift and illuminate the surrounding natural colour, giving your hair a soft-focus and candlelit appearance. The result is a mesmerising shade that radiates sophistication, class, and a touch of quiet luxury.

candle light hair trend©Instagram

The key to achieving the perfect candlelit glow is in the tailored approach. It can be customised to suit your preferences, with options such as threads of gold, caramel, or bronze, depending on your hair’s depth. The focus should remain on subtlety, creating a multi-dimensional look without any harsh, artificial streaks.

The Candle Light Brunette Hair Colour Technique: What To Ask For

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When visiting your salon, ask for babylights that are just one or two shades lighter than your natural hair colour. This ensures a harmonious blend with your base colour, resulting in an effortless, yet stunning appearance. The aim is to achieve a glistening effect that enhances your brunette locks, making them appear naturally healthy and irresistibly gorgeous.

Candle Light Brunette: A Trend For All Hair Types

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Candle lights aren’t just reserved for straight hair. This trend works wonders on all hair types, especially textured hair. Whether you have wavy or super coily locks, the defined flickers of babylights add a touch of intrigue, giving your hair a naturally sun-kissed look. The interaction between the soft highlights and textured hair creates an alluring effect.

Maintaining the Candle Light Brunette Colour At Home

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To maintain the luminous candlelit glow after leaving the salon, stylists recommend using a purple shampoo to keep the ends brass-free and the overall look creamy and radiant. Additionally, using colour-safe shampoo and conditioner is essential to preserving the beauty of your candle light brunette tresses. Don’t forget to incorporate a reliable heat protectant if you frequently use heat styling tools.

How To Get The Candle Light Brunette Look

To achieve the enchanting candle light glow, hair experts suggest incorporating mini face-framing babylights throughout the hair, while maintaining darker panelling. This technique creates a natural and effortlessly stunning look. The low-volume and ammonia-free clay bleach can help make the transition to a soft, warm technique much easier, even if you’ve been avoiding it for years.

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to ordinary brunettes and welcome the elegance and charm of candlelit brunette hair this season!