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Creased Under-Eye Concealer? Try This Surprising Make-Up Hack

Picture this: you’re about to tumble down the rabbit hole of Instagram and TikTok beauty hacks, desperately seeking the secret to banishing creased under-eye concealer. And then, out of the blue, someone whispers the words ‘oil under concealer.’ Now, before you start imagining a slippery disaster or a greasy mascara mess, let’s unravel the mystery behind this intriguing beauty hack. Believe us, it’s a game-changer that your make-up routine never saw coming, and it’s far from the slippery slope you might be envisioning.

What Is The ‘Oil Under Concealer’ Make-Up Hack?

So, here’s the deal: instead of your usual make-up routine, consider introducing a facial oil into the mix before applying concealer. This beauty manoeuvre claims to be the knight in shining armour, especially for those with more mature or dry skin. The genius behind this hack, as explained by make-up aficionados online, is that the oil helps blur those pesky lines and crepey textures, leaving you with a flawless finish.

Step-by-Step Breakdown Of The Hack

1. Choose the Right Oil

It all begins with selecting the perfect facial oil. Think something that absorbs quickly, never feels greasy, and has the magical power to hydrate your skin. Jojoba oil is a great option for this.

2. Apply with Caution

Whether your oil comes with a roller ball applicator or a dropper, the key is to apply it with finesse. Apply a small dot of oil to the back of your hand and gently massage it. Using your ring finger, tap off excess oil on a dry part of your hand. With the ever-so-slight amount of oil on your ring finger, gently dab it under your eyes, treating this delicate area with the care it deserves.

3. Let it Set

This isn’t a race; it’s a beauty marathon. Let the oil work its magic by giving it a few seconds to settle. This ensures a seamless blend when you introduce the concealer.

4. Concealer Application

Now, the crucial moment, the concealer. Worried about a slippery disaster? Fear not! Contrary to what your sceptics might suggest, the oil actually aids in a dreamy blend. No skipping, no separation, just a flawless application.

5. Set With A Powder

After you’ve blended your concealer, gently dab on a bit of translucent setting powder with a small powder puff. This step is your go-to move for keeping everything in place. A gentle tap of powder, and bam, your flawless look is good to go!

The Bottom Line

Expect the unexpected, that’s the beauty of this hack. The outcome? A luminosity to your skin that you probably thought only an extremely emollient and creamy concealer could achieve. Say goodbye to excessive creasing and texture emphasis; this trick softens the appearance, making your make-up look effortlessly radiant.

Now, let’s be clear. This hack won’t magically erase every line and crease under your eyes. But, it sure knows how to soften the blow and make your under eyes appear as bright and smooth as ever.