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The Viral ‘Sandwich Method’ Will Hide Your Blemishes In No Time

In a world where erratic weather, stress, hormonal fluctuations and surprise skin blemishes seem to conspire against us, the quest for the perfect make-up hack is never-ending. Enter the ‘sandwich method,’ a quirky yet surprisingly effective TikTok beauty craze that promises to cloak your pesky blemishes and leave you looking effortlessly flawless. So, grab your make-up brushes and get ready to try this unconventional beauty hack, which was popularised by beauty creator Erica Nicole, and subsequently took the internet by storm.

The Sandwich Method Explained

Step 1: Spritz Your Canvas with Setting Spray

Forget everything you know about your make-up routine because the sandwich method starts in reverse. Begin by spritzing a touch of setting spray onto your palm and delicately dab it onto your blemish. It’s like a mini spa day for your pimple, setting the stage for the make-up trick about to unfold.

Step 2: Powder Power

Once your setting spray has dried and becomes a tad tacky, introduce a smidgen of translucent powder to the mix. Gently press it onto your blemish with a concealer brush. The powder helps create the illusion of a smooth surface, diminishing that pesky redness and giving you the confidence of a master illusionist.

Step 3: The Concealer

Here’s where the sandwich method reveals its unconventional charm. Rather than slathering concealer directly onto your blemish, outline it with a concealer shade that’s a match made in heaven for your skin tone. Allow it to marinate for a precise five minutes; trust the process, the TikTok gods demand it. Once the time is up, blend the concealer inward toward the blemish, unveiling a flawless finish that even Houdini would envy.

Step 4: Seal the Deal

To ensure your cover-up lasts all day, it’s time for the finishing touches. Lightly dab a bit more powder over the concealed area, and then generously spritz setting spray all over your face. This final act not only locks in your flawless creation but also adds that touch of glam that says, “I woke up like this.”

The Magic Beyond Blemishes

But wait, there’s more! The sandwich method isn’t just for blemishes; it’s your secret weapon against dark circles too. Follow the same steps, with a slight twist. A spritz of setting spray on your make-up brush, a delicate dance of concealer application, and a final sweep of the setting spray, and voila—those dark circles are banished.

The Bottom Line

The viral sandwich method may sound like a peculiar culinary delight, but in the world of beauty hacks, it’s the secret sauce for achieving a flawless look that defies expectations. So, the next time your skin rebels or a surprise blemish makes an appearance, remember the new trick you have up your sleeve!