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Elevate Your Beauty Game With These Eyebrow Products

In the realm of beauty, eyebrow products have risen to become the undeniable stars of the show. No longer mere facial features, brows are now the focal point of our make-up routines, capable of defining and accentuating our entire look. Whether you prefer a bold, structured brow or a more natural, feathery arch, the right eyebrow products can make

Kidcore Vibrant Make-Up

Kidcore Is The Trendy Vibrant Make-Up Aesthetic You Need To Try

Branching out from the trending Y2K trend that stormed the internet, colourful, vibrant, and even slightly psychedelic, kidcore is taking over the beautyverse. An aesthetic that takes you down memory lane while also giving a nod to your wild side, kidcore is for everyone who loves to bring in colour and light into their life. MORE: 15 Beauty Trends

Glasses-Shaped Eye Make-Up

Have You Heard About Glasses-Shaped Eye Make-Up?

Ask any professional make-up artist and they’ll tell you that eye make-up can transform your face. But for people who wear glasses, achieving those bold, fierce eyes can be a lot trickier. We’re not just talking about the fact that most make-up wouldn’t show behind glasses but also the fact that may times products transfer on to your glasses, ruini

Bejewelled Make-Up Looks

Six Bejewelled Make-Up Looks That We’re Obsessed With Thanks To Euphoria

The popular TV show, Euphoria has taken the beauty world by storm. With detailed make-up looks for each character that defines their personality, the show proves that make-up is an essential part of storytelling. One of the key elements in most of the looks was the use of gemstones. Euphoria is known to have an unrealistic yet catchy plot line, but