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Dia Mirza’s DIY Face Scrub

Dia Mirza’s DIY Face Scrub Is Good For You & The Environment

Dia Mirza, the epitome of natural beauty, has captured the world’s fancy with her radiant and flawless skin. Surprisingly, her secret lies not in regular salon treatments but in her dedication to clean beauty rituals. Mirza has embraced the world of DIY remedies, and one particular recipe has caught the attention of beauty enthusiasts everywhere: h

nail cycling trend

Suffering From Weak, Brittle Nails? Try ‘Nail Cycling’

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly polished nails straight out of the salon, whether you opt for a gel manicure, dip powder, or a set of acrylics. But did you know that frequent visits to the salon can lead to weakened and brittle nails that are prone to cracking? Fortunately, a new trend called ‘nail cycling’ is quickly gaining popu

athiya shetty under eye mask

Athiya Shetty’s DIY Mask Is An Instant Antidote To Dark Circles

Athiya Shetty is a firm believer in the power of DIY skincare, and it’s no secret that she loves to pamper herself with some good old-fashioned TLC. The actress goes the extra mile to ensure that her skin is always plump and glowing, and she’s not one to gatekeep her beauty secrets from the world either. Her latest hack? An all-natural, organic und

Viral Make-Up Hacks

5 Viral Make-Up Hacks You Need to Try Immediately

Not even a week goes by without the emergence of new viral make-up hacks on the internet that promise you an easier life and a prettier face. Most of the times these tricks elicit gorgeous results—hence, the viral status, I guess—while some simply give off whimsical 2012 ‘5-Minute–Crafts’ vibes and turn out to be flops. But when it comes to make-up

Snatched Look With The Ice-Cream Contour Hack

Get A Deliciously Snatched Look With The Ice-Cream Contour Hack

Social media has introduced us to some major life-saving make-up hacks, especially when it comes to contouring. Learning how to get that effortlessly snatched look without spending hours in front of the mirror is something we have now mastered. But one such make-up hack that has taken social media by storm is the ‘ice-cream contour’ hack. Inspired

The Clean Girl Essential

The Half Lash Hack Is The Clean Girl Essential For Effortlessly Long Lashes

Everyone loves big, full, voluminous lashes that can make you look like a straight-up anime character. But with the clean girl era going strong in the beauty world, long lashes are still essential, with just a little less drama. Creating the perfectly sleek and foxy eye, the half lash hack is the one beauty trend we just can’t get enough of. While