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Shine Bright Like A Diamond With The Glass Nail Manicure

In the realm of beauty, inspiration knows no boundaries, and one source that has consistently fascinated us with its sophistication is Korean beauty. With a penchant for next-level skincare rituals like glass skin and cloudless skin, as well as the constant sharing of stunning nail art, Korean beauty trends have found an ardent following all over the world. Among these trends, the artistry of glass nails has emerged as a pinnacle of elegance and creativity, with each manicure resembling an abstract masterpiece or a luminescent stained-glass wonder.

Today, we’re delving into the world of glass nails, where shards of holographic foil give nails an artistic, shattered glass illusion. And that’s not all—we’ll also decode the mermaidcore-inspired sea glass manicures, a popular variant of glass nails, that allow you to carry a hint of the beach with you wherever you go.

What Are Glass Nails?

Glass nails, born from the creative genius of nail artist Park Eunkyung, have taken the beauty world by storm. Originating in Korea, this avant-garde manicure uses finely-cut holographic foil to mimic the glistening allure of shattered glass. The search for ‘glass manicure’ on Pinterest has surged by a whopping 170 percent, and it’s no wonder why—these nails are an expertly-crafted fusion of abstract art and stained-glass window brilliance.

How To Achieve The Glass Nail Look

glass nail©Instagram
glass nails©Instagram

If you’re itching to try this ultra-chic trend yourself, get ready for a gel manicure experience like no other. The process starts with shaping and filing the nails to perfection, ensuring a flawless canvas for the glassy magic to come. A clear or neutral gel base is then applied, serving as the backdrop for the shining chrome or ‘aurora’ foils that reflect myriad colours when kissed by light.

Crafting The Illusion of Glass

The secret behind the mesmerising glass effect lies in the application of the foils. Nail artists use a clear gel base to create a tacky surface for the foil to adhere to. With precision and artistry, teeny-tiny triangles of nail film are meticulously placed on the nail, creating a mosaic of brilliance. Another round of curing and a sealing top coat later, and you’ll be flaunting nails that rival the sparkle of a starry night.

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sea glass nails©Instagram

Like all things exquisite, the cost of a glass manicure may vary depending on the salon or artist. Expect it to be a bit pricier than a regular gel manicure due to the intricate work involved. While the process may take a little longer, the end result is undoubtedly worth every penny.

Sea-Glass Manicures

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With over 1.1 billion views on TikTok, sea glass manicures are the latest nail trend making waves. Embracing the mermaidcore vibe, these nails draw inspiration from the smooth remnants of old glass bottles found on the beach.

sea glass nails©Instagram

Imagine the allure of seafoam greens, sky blues, milky whites, and seashell pinks, all with a frosted effect that evokes the gentle caress of ocean waves.

How To Get Sea-Glass Nails

The beauty of sea glass manicures lies in their simplicity. To achieve this ethereal look, apply a matte top coat to your nails, transforming them into precious treasures freshly-washed ashore. With pearl accents and seashell-style art, these nails whisper the tale of a mermaid’s dream, allowing you to carry a piece of the beach wherever you venture.