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These Viral ‘Naked Nails’ Are Just What You Need To Try Now

Welcome to the summer of 2023, where nail trends have gone wild with creativity and quirkiness! From ‘water nail’ manicures to ‘coquette’ nails, we’ve seen it all.

But amidst the vibrant colours and flashy designs, a refreshing trend has emerged – ‘naked nails.’ This daring yet chic trend is all about embracing a stripped-down, minimalist look with little to no polish.

Ahead, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of naked nails and explore why it’s becoming the hottest fashion statement. So, get ready to ditch the bold hues and jump on board with this understated, yet oh-so-sophisticated nail trend!

The Naked Nails Movement: Embracing the Natural You

In a world full of dazzling manicures, the naked nails movement stands tall as a celebration of natural beauty. Just like the ‘no-make-up’ make-up trend, naked nails allow you to showcase your nails‘ inherent charm while elevating their appearance. It’s a subtle way of saying, “I’m confidently cool, and I don’t need flashy colours to prove it.”

Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and royalty like Catherine, Princess of Wales, have long been fans of the naked nails aesthetic. It’s a style that exudes quiet luxury and effortless elegance. Even it-girls such as Alix Earle, Matilda Djerf, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber have joined the clean-girl nail club, proving that this trend is undoubtedly having its moment.

The Science of Going Polish-Free: Healthy Nails First

Not only does going polish-free ooze style, but it’s also a healthy choice for your nails. Dermatologists have warned against the potential side effects of frequent gel or acrylic manicures, emphasising the importance of nail cycling. Giving your nails a break from heavy polishes allows the nail matrix, where new nails form, to repair and rejuvenate.

If you’re eager to embrace naked nails, the first step is to ensure your nails are in great health. Moisturise and condition your nail beds and cuticles daily to keep them looking their best. Try using products enriched with nourishing oils like jojoba, vitamin E, rice bran, and sweet almond oils.

The Art of Achieving the Perfect Naked Manicure

Getting that flawless naked manicure isn’t as easy as it seems. Just like transitioning from makeup to a bare face, your nails need some love and care. Start by maintaining a well-balanced diet and boosting your biotin intake to strengthen your nails from within.

Once you’ve prepped your nails, it’s time for some hands-on attention. Use a cuticle softener to gently remove any dead cuticle cells, and opt for a glass nail file to minimise breakage. If your nails need an extra boost, try topical nail strengtheners.

Exploring the Naked Nail Styles: Short and Chic

As you venture into the world of naked nails, remember that shorter, trimmed nails are the star of the show. No one wants to poke an eye out with those long, pointy (and hard to maintain!) nails anymore.

Embrace your creativity and experiment with different shapes, but remember that the length is entirely up to you. Whether you prefer a square, rounded, or almond shape, with an opaque, shiny or glossy finish, make sure it complements your natural nails.

If you’re not ready to go completely polish-free, don’t fret! There are nail treatments and polishes available that enhance your nails without overpowering them. Try strengthening treatments before going for a lip gloss manicure or a creamy milk bath mani.

The Bottom Line?

In a world full of eye-catching nail trends, the naked nails movement stands out as a refreshing and elegant choice. Not only will you exude confidence with these, but you’ll also be giving your nails the care they deserve. So, say goodbye to bold colours and harsh treatments for a while and let your ‘naked’ nails take centre stage this summer. Remember, sometimes less is truly more, especially when it comes to the art of nail fashion!