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Everything We Know About The Glazed Donut Hair Trend

Lately, everyone wants luminous skin that glistens like a glazed donut, nails that shimmer like freshly coated frosting, and now, the trend has extended to our locks, creating hair that radiates with an irresistible shine.

The glazed donut trend aka the glass hair trend has taken the beauty world by storm, and it’s all thanks to the influencer extraordinaire, Hailey Bieber, who has pioneered the trend from head to toe.

Ahead, we dive into the scrumptious world of glazed donut hair, where glossy locks reminiscent of barbies and mermaids reign supreme and healthy, luxurious hair is the ultimate goal. We explore everything you need to know about this delectable hair trend and provide you with insider tips to achieve the coveted glazed donut look.

Decoding Glazed Donut Hair

Glazed donut hair embodies the essence of all things shiny, healthy, and extravagant. Imagine hair that catches the light with an intense, jaw-dropping shine, reminiscent of a freshly glazed donut just waiting to be devoured. It exudes a vibrant and youthful allure, with warm highlights and multidimensional colour adding depth and richness to your locks. The best part? Glazed donut hair knows no boundaries—it flatters every hair type and colour, making it a trend accessible to all.

The Distinction: Glazed Donut Hair vs. Greasy Hair

You might wonder, what sets glazed donut hair apart from plain old greasy hair? Well, here’s the scoop: while greasy hair tends to have an oily, unwashed appearance primarily at the roots, glazed donut hair showcases a radiant luminosity throughout. It is the epitome of well-cared-for tresses that are hydrated, healthy, and exude a natural glow.

Unleashing Your Inner Glazed Donut

Now that you’re craving that irresistible shine, let’s explore some essential tips to achieve this hair look without crossing into greasy territory. Remember, you’re just one step away from having hair that rivals the delicious allure of a freshly glazed donut.

a) Introduce Glossing Treatments to Your Routine

Enhance shine and revive your hair colour by incorporating weekly in-shower glossing treatments. These nourishing treatments correct dullness, boost shine, and deeply condition your locks, leaving them silky, vibrant, and irresistibly shiny.

b) Embrace Slick Hairstyles

Surprise yourself by discovering the sleek and sophisticated side of glazed donut hair. Slicked-back buns or ponytails create an effortlessly chic look that emphasises your shine. Choose a high-quality hair gel to add gloss and hold without any greasy residue, ensuring your hair remains touchably soft and gorgeously shiny.

c) Hydration is Key

Quench your hair’s thirst by incorporating hydrating hair serums infused with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid. These serums provide much-needed moisture, locking it in and reviving dry strands. Additionally, applying a hair oil formulated with natural oils can reduce frizz, add shine, and maintain the balance between hydration and avoiding greasy roots.

d) Shield Your Shine with Heat Protectant

Preserving the health and luminosity of your hair requires protection from excessive heat styling. Prioritise applying a reliable heat protectant spray or cream to shield your locks from damage, smooth out your hair, enhance shine, and maintain the glazed donut allure.