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7 Easy Ways To Embody The ‘Mermaid-Core’ Beauty Trend

In a world where reality often feels overwhelming, beauty trends provide a delightful escape into realms of imagination and self-expression. Just as the Barbie-core trend invites us to indulge in nostalgia and embrace our playful side, the resurgence of mermaidcore offers a whimsical getaway into the enchanting depths of the ocean.

Mermaids have always held a place of fascination in our imaginations, and thanks to Disney’s upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey as Ariel, the magic of these mythical creatures has resurfaced as a viral trend in the world of beauty and fashion. Mermaidcore, with its ethereal and aquatic-inspired aesthetics, offers an eclectic way to express your inner siren.

Ahead, we’ll explore how you can incorporate the mermaidcore trend into your beauty and make-up routine, drawing inspiration from wet hair waves, blue eyeshadow, glossy lips, radiant skin, and bejewelled make-up looks.

Dive into Blue Eyeshadow

Channel the enchanting depths of the ocean by incorporating blue eyeshadow into your make-up routine. You can opt for a range of shades, from soft aquamarine to deep sapphire. Apply a lighter shade all over the lid and blend a darker shade into the outer corner for added depth. To complete the look, accentuate your eyes with a swipe of iridescent or holographic eyeshadow on the inner corners, evoking the shimmer-y allure of underwater treasures.

Luscious Glossy Lips

For a truly mermaid-inspired pout, glossy lips that mimic dew-kissed petals are the ultimate answer. You can achieve this aesthetic through lip glosses with shimmering or holographic finishes in shades of iridescent pinks, purples, or even seafoam green. These hues will lend the radiance of a mermaid’s tail to your lips.

Radiant Mermaid Skin

Achieving a luminous and radiant complexion is essential for the mermaidcore trend. Begin by prepping your skin with a hydrating primer to create a dewy base. Use a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser to even out your skin tone while maintaining a natural and fresh appearance. Highlight your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow with a liquid or cream illuminator for a subtle, otherworldly glow.

Make Waves with Wet Hair

To achieve the mermaid-like appearance that could give even Kim Kardashian’s hairstylists a run for their money, embrace the beauty of wet hair waves. After showering, apply a sea salt spray or texturising mist to add volume and enhance the natural texture of your hair. Allow it to air dry or use a diffuser on a low heat setting to create loose, effortless waves. Finish with a hair oil or serum to dial up the wet appearance. For a touch of whimsy, adorn your locks with seashell or starfish-shaped hair accessories, enhancing the mermaid vibe.

Bejewelled Make-Up Looks

To truly embody the spirit of mermaidcore, you need to explore bejewelled make-up looks that emulate the glistening treasures found beneath the sea. Experiment with adhesive gemstones, pearls, or holographic sequins, and carefully apply them to the corners of your eyes, along your temples, or atop your cheekbones. These delicate accents will add a touch of glam to your overall look, reflecting the shimmering magic of a mermaid’s world.

Mermaidcore Fashion

You can easily extend the scope of this trend beyond your make-up routine and dive into mermaid-inspired fashion. Look for flowing, iridescent fabrics in oceanic hues like aquamarine, turquoise, or seafoam green. Opt for maxi skirts or dresses with flared hemlines and trumpet-like silhouettes that mimic the graceful movement of Ariel’s tail. You can even incorporate seashell or mermaid scale motifs on clothing and accessories to further immerse yourself in the fantastical trend and create an Instagram-worthy summer/beach vacay wardrobe.

Accessorise with Oceanic Elements

You can complete your mermaidcore ’fit with accessories that elicit the beauty of the sea. Adorn your wrists and fingers with delicate shell bracelets and rings, or opt for jewellery featuring nautical charms such as starfish, seahorses or shells. Go for hair accessories like mermaid-inspired headbands, sea blue or pearl-embellished hair pins or seashell barrettes to enhance your overall look. By incorporating these oceanic elements into your style, you’ll truly do Disney’s beloved redhead proud.