Anti-Mascara Beauty Trend© Divina Muse

The Anti-Mascara Trend Is What You Need In Your Life

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Hallelujah! TikTok has given us yet another way to use our mascara and now our lives will never be the same. The anti-mascara phenomenon has been creating some major waves on social media with some of our favourite beauty influencers getting really creative as they serve up some really cool eye make-up looks.

While we’re used to using mascara only on lashes, brows, and to tame baby hair, you can now use mascara to give you the grungy eye make-up of your dreams.

What Is The Anti-Mascara Trend?

Pushing all your make-up boundaries, the anti-mascara trend is all about using your mascara as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow while creating unique patterns and textures with the wand. You can either use the tip of the wand to create a slightly defined line or even use the side bristles to create some fun dotted and textured lines. You can also create a smokey eye by blending the mascara on your eyes with a brush until it you get a soft, smokey look. This trick can make your eye make-up look so cool and fun, especially for an everyday look. Beauty influencer, Divina Muse shows us the ways she uses her mascara to create multiple eye-make-up looks.

Another beauty influencer, Tia Shea, also shared a fun way to create a graphic liner look with mascara. This look brings in some much-needed texture and looks super artsy and chic.

So, it’s time to let your inner artist run wild and create some stunning and cool looks with that trusty mascara.