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Six Bejewelled Make-Up Looks That We’re Obsessed With Thanks To Euphoria

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

The popular TV show, Euphoria has taken the beauty world by storm. With detailed make-up looks for each character that defines their personality, the show proves that make-up is an essential part of storytelling.

One of the key elements in most of the looks was the use of gemstones. Euphoria is known to have an unrealistic yet catchy plot line, but to know that the characters in the show wear rhinestones on their eyelids, just to go to school had us obsessed. And like us, we can guarantee that every loyalist of the show must have tried to create their iconic bejewelled look at least once.

Bejewelled Make-Up Looks

With many beauty influencers embracing the gemstone trend, here are some of our favourite (and super easy) bejewelled make-up looks that you need to bookmark right now!

Pastel Rainbow Wave

If you are a fan of minimalism and pastel hues, this look will be your new glam go-to. Create a gradient rainbow wave on your upper eyelid and instead of a regular eyeliner, go for a gemstone liner that will add a hint of sparkle to your look.

Ethereal Fairy Dust

It’s never boring to add more glitter to your life! Bring in some fairy magic with a pastel glitter shade on the inner corners of your lids while creating a gradual halo on the end. You can then go in with a graphic dual liner and a few gemstones to create a frosted wing!

Spaced-Out Stones

If you want to keep your make-up minimally glam, this is the way to go. Add an iridescent shade on the inner parts of eyelids, taking it all the way till the end of your eyebrow. Next, add a hint of brown to your lids and create a fox-eye wing with your favourite liner. To complete the look, place gemstones in an evenly spaced-out manner around your eyes to add some minimal glam to your snatched face!

Graphic Jules

Move over, fox eye, it’s time for the spider eye to shine! Inspired by Jule’s graphic eye look from Euphoria’s season 2 premiere, create the spider eye look on the bottom of your eyelid and add a halo of gemstones on the upper lid. You can also add a low gem wing under the graphic black wing for extra drama!

Crystal Halo

If you’re not up for the over-the-top eye shadow look, the gemstone halo will be your new favourite. Apply a single iridescent eyeshadow on your lids and add a classic clean winged eyeliner on top. Then, place multiple sized tiny crystals all-around your eyes in an evenly placed manner to create the perfect halo.

Lined Gemstones

Add an element of oomph to your minimalistic halo look with tiny gemstones on your upper and lower eyelids. This will help bring the focus to your eyes while also exuding understated elegance. By far our favourite rendition.