aliens on mars

Is Alien Communication From Mars A Possibility Now?

In an ambitious endeavour to explore the potential existence of intelligent life beyond our planet, the European Space Agency (ESA) has embarked on an extraordinary mission. Utilising its ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, the ESA launched a simulated signal from Mars, igniting a collective anticipation for a potential encounter with extraterrestrial civil

Partial Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2023: Important Things To Follow (& Avoid)

ICYMI, we’re just days away from witnessing a rare and strange astronomical event. A hybrid solar eclipse is scheduled to happen on the 20th of April and, according to, it occurs only a few times per century. Astrologers all over the world have also revealed that the hybrid solar eclipse can have major impacts on a few sun signs. Many cul

Asteroid near Earth

A Massive Asteroid Is Going To Approach Earth On Wednesday

Outer space is full of mysteries and objects that routinely threaten our lives on Earth. If it’s not black holes or radio signal-scrambling solar winds, it’s supermassive asteroids that try to get too close to the Earth for comfort. Yes, the same asteroids that were possibly responsible for the reason why John Hammond had to genetically engineer a

Space Diamond

A 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Space Diamond Has Been Discovered On Earth

Geologist Andy Tomkins was on a regular field visit in the North-West African region to categorise meteorites, as one does, when he stumbled upon an incredible discovery. He came across a strange “bended” diamond in a meteorite that he later discovered was lonsdaleite, a rare hexagonal stone from space. Tomkins, who is a professor at Monash Univers

Largest Alcohol Molecule In Space

Astronomers Have Discovered The Largest Alcohol Molecule In Space, Here’s What That Means

Aside from supermassive black holes and man-made debris that could potentially crash and wreak havoc on Earth, outer space also contains alcohol. Before you get excited, it’s only present in microscopic molecular form. So you can put your plans to chug cosmic beer on hold for now. In a paper published in the Astronomers and Astrophysics journal, re


A Massive Sunspot Has Doubled In Size And Here’s Why It’s Alarming

In today’s edition of ‘terrifying space thing that could potentially cause major harm on Earth’, we have a gigantic sunspot that is facing the planet and which doubled in size overnight. The sunspot, known as AR3038, is now roughly three times the size of Earth. The Solar Dynamics Observatory at NASA is keeping a close eye on the spot for any indic