Astronaut in space

This Ingredient Will Make Long-Term Space Missions Possible

People more intelligent than you and I have been working on getting humans to distant planets like Mars and beyond for ages. While they managed to figure out many logistics theoretically, they were still unable to figure out a way to feed the astronauts on these missions that could last several months, some even years. Now you don’t have to be an a

Representative image of a UFO

The Pentagon Has A Shocking Update On The UFO Sightings

If you, like me, have been endlessly wondering why nobody is talking about the hundreds of mysterious UFO sightings that have been reported for the last few months, there’s some news for you and it’s a good news-bad news kind of situation. ICYMI, hundreds of sightings of mysterious ‘round or spherical’ objects that were silver, white, or translucen

Partial Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2023: Important Things To Follow (& Avoid)

ICYMI, we’re just days away from witnessing a rare and strange astronomical event. A hybrid solar eclipse is scheduled to happen on the 20th of April and, according to, it occurs only a few times per century. Astrologers all over the world have also revealed that the hybrid solar eclipse can have major impacts on a few sun signs. Many cul

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Might Just Become The First-Ever Civilian To Spacewalk

Tom Cruise is ready to add another achievement to his incredibly long list. And what might that be, you ask? Cruise might just become the first-ever civilian to do a spacewalk outside the International Space Station for his upcoming action movie. Recently, during an interview with BBC, the director, Doug Liman and the head of Universal Pictures, Do


Researchers Have Recorded An Energy Imbalance On Earth, Here's What It Means

Our planet is as unique as it’s beautiful. Not only is it the only planet in the Universe to be the host of the winner of Miss Universe every single year since the pageant’s inception, but it’s also the only planet in our solar system that has the exact conditions needed for human life to exist and thrive. Whether it’s the precise tilt of our axis

Largest Alcohol Molecule In Space

Astronomers Have Discovered The Largest Alcohol Molecule In Space, Here’s What That Means

Aside from supermassive black holes and man-made debris that could potentially crash and wreak havoc on Earth, outer space also contains alcohol. Before you get excited, it’s only present in microscopic molecular form. So you can put your plans to chug cosmic beer on hold for now. In a paper published in the Astronomers and Astrophysics journal, re