Flower Moon

This Month Will See A Rare And Powerful ‘Flower Moon’ Soon

If you’re an astronomy enthusiast, then May is going to be super exciting for you. It’s packed with rare events that will keep you busy throughout the month. There’s a meteor shower scheduled around May 6 and 7 and a rare meeting of Jupiter and the moon on May 17. There’s also a chance to spot Mercury on May 29. However, the most exciting and signi

NASA's research team for UFOs

NASA Has Put Together A Team That Will Study UFOs

NASA is over dismissing mysterious UFO sightings as unscientific and bizarre stories and is finally doing something about it. The space agency has announced that it has put together a team of experts who will conduct a review of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) and, essentially, tell NASA whether these UFOs need to be taken seriously or not. We w

Picture Of Moonlight And Lightning From Space

NASA Shares A Surreal Picture Of Moonlight And Lightning From Space

There are many perks to being an astronaut, with the biggest being that you can tell people that you’re an astronaut. Another equally big one is the stunning view from outer space that beats most scenic views. This became more evident recently as NASA shared a photo taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) as it passed ove

Asteroid Impact Illustration

Yikes! Two Giant Asteroids Will Hurtle Past Earth This Weekend

There’s a lot going on in the world of astronomers and space. The James Webb Telescope is not letting up and is sending one stunning image of the ancient universe after another and strange, invisible black holes are also being discovered lurking outside our galaxy. If that wasn’t enough, NASA reports that the Earth will have two skyscraper-sized as

Image From The James Webb Space Telescope

UPDATE: NASA Just Released The First Image From The James Webb Space Telescope

This is an updated article regarding NASA’s James Webb article which was published on June 2, 2022. After almost half a year of commissioning in space, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will finally release its first full-colour images and spectroscopic data on July 12, 2022. Being one of the largest and most complex observatories that has ever bee

Total Lunar Eclipse in Charlotte

The World Just Witnessed The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse In 33 Years Resulting In A Super Blood Moon

There’s a lot going on in the Space community, with black holes being photographed and ‘doorways’ being spotted on Mars. The latest space news to get excited about is the recently spotted Blood Moon as a result of the longest observed instance of total lunar eclipse in 33 years. Let me preface by saying that while a Super Blood Moon sounds incredib