Asteroid near Earth© Pixabay

A Massive Asteroid Is Going To Approach Earth On Wednesday

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Outer space is full of mysteries and objects that routinely threaten our lives on Earth. If it’s not black holes or radio signal-scrambling solar winds, it’s supermassive asteroids that try to get too close to the Earth for comfort. Yes, the same asteroids that were possibly responsible for the reason why John Hammond had to genetically engineer a bunch of dinosaurs for his flawed yet super cool theme park.

Speaking of pesky asteroids, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has reported that five asteroids are making a close approach to Earth in the coming few days.

Out of the five, the largest one is going to pass by the planet on Thursday. Asteroid 2023 FZ3 is said to be the size of a large aeroplane, about 150 ft wide, and is approaching Earth at a speed of 67,656 mph. JPL has predicted that it will be at a distance of 3,570,000 km from the Earth’s surface.

These Near Earth Objects (NEO) will not impact Earth, as per JPL’s reports, as they’re supposed to burn up as soon as they enter our atmosphere.

Should you be worried about a fate à la dinosaurs?

No, so put down the picket signs about the end being near and get back to regular programming.