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Solar Eclipse 2023: Important Things To Follow (& Avoid)

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

ICYMI, we’re just days away from witnessing a rare and strange astronomical event. A hybrid solar eclipse is scheduled to happen on the 20th of April and, according to, it occurs only a few times per century. Astrologers all over the world have also revealed that the hybrid solar eclipse can have major impacts on a few sun signs.

Many cultures believe the eclipse to be the harbinger of doom and destruction, with cultures from ancient Greece to China talking about mythical creatures devouring the sun during an eclipse. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as it’s believed in Italy that the flowers planted during this time would be brighter and more colourful than any other planted throughout the year.

So while you can see whether your zodiac sign would get affected by the eclipse or not right here, there are also things that you should do and some that you should avoid doing during the eclipse. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming astronomical event…

What is a hybrid solar eclipse?

There are three types of solar eclipses. The first is a ‘partial eclipse’, which is the most common one and happens when the moon merely blocks out part of the sun and sends a shadow across a swathe of Earth. The second one is the ‘annual solar eclipse’, where the moon blocks out the centre of the sun and leaves a circle of light that’s visible within the shadow. The third one is a ‘total solar eclipse’, where the entirety of the sun’s disc is covered by the moon and only the outer ring of the sun, or the corona, is visible.

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But there is also a sneaky fourth kind that rarely occurs and it’s the hybrid solar eclipse. Because of the Earth’s curvature, an annual and total solar eclipse can change amongst each other, causing shadows to move across the Earth’s surface.

What should you do during an eclipse?

A rare phenomenon like this is not something that you should miss but there are some precautions that you should take before viewing it. It’s not safe to look directly at the eclipse as it can cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

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There are special types of equipment available that can be used to view the eclipse and you should be careful while selecting them. It is also advised that you should wear sunscreen even if the sun is being blocked by the moon during the eclipse and opt for protective clothing to avoid any damage.

This hybrid solar eclipse won’t be visible in India and you can safely check out a live stream of the event if you want to witness it.

What are the things to avoid doing during a solar eclipse?

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While looking at the eclipse directly is out of the question, there are many myths surrounding the phenomenon. Many people believe that it’s not wise to sleep during the eclipse, especially for the elderly and people who are sick. Many people also observe fasts during an eclipse as they believe eating and drinking during that time can be harmful to health. Pregnant women are also advised to stay indoors during the time and it’s generally believed that buying new property during an eclipse can be detrimental to one’s fortune.

However, these beliefs are rooted in superstition and myths rather than actual scientific truths so it would be advisable to read them with discretion.