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You Can Spot Something Super Cool In The Sky On 11 May

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

May is already proving to be a delight for astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers and it’s just about to get cooler. According to NASA, you can spot the International Space Station (ISS) in the sky with your naked eye on May 11 from India!

The gigantic man-made satellite that has been orbiting the planet for years will be visible in the sky soon and you won’t even need any special equipment to spot it in the night sky. According to the space agency, the ISS will typically be the brightest object in the sky, except for the moon, and can even be seen from the middle of the city. The colossal structure reflects sunlight and appears as a bright white pinpoint of steady light in the sky.

ISS orbiting the earth©Pexels

It is also said that at its brightest, the ISS nearly rivals Venus at its best and is a stunning sight to behold in the sky.

In case you didn’t know, the ISS is a multi-national collaborative project which allowed humans to put the first habitable satellite in space. It orbits the Earth at 400 km above the surface and includes contributions from 15 nations, including the US, Japan, Russia, Canada, UAE, and other countries.

You can check out NASA’s special section on ISS spotting or install any stargazing app to figure out the exact point when the bright object in the sky can be spotted at any time. For people in India, the date is going to be May 11 and you can enter your exact location on the official website to figure out where to look when the time comes.

Happy night skygazing !