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These 3 Signs Will Be Affected Negatively By May’s Lunar Eclipse

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

May’s upcoming Flower Moon can indicate fresh beginnings and abundance in blooms, but it also marks the rare occasion when the full moon coincides with a lunar eclipse.

The fifth lunar eclipse, or chandra grahan, of 2023 is a penumbral lunar eclipse. This means the Earth will partially come in between the moon and the sun and will cast a faint shadow on the lunar surface.

The rare occurence of a Flower Moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse at the same time makes this a significant astrological event. A Flower Moon usually brings with it fresh starts and is great for embarking on new adventures, while the lunar eclipse can bring about emotional upheavel and shifts in relationships.

While it affects all zodiac signs to a certain degree, there are three signs which stand to face negative effects during the penumbral lunar eclipse, which will reach its peak on May 5, 2023. Read on to find out if your sign is amongst the three that might be under trouble soon…

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This period will bring forth relationship issues for you, Taurus. Chances of misunderstandings and conflicts resulting from those are high during this period. On the work front, you might face frustrating delays and obstructions. You need to work on your communciation skills to survive this turbulent phase and to avoid any unnecessary conflict.


This period will bring many difficulties at work and with your relationships, both romantic and otherwise. It’s also a period of extreme emotional upheavel so expect some emotional outbursts. Remember to not react without careful consideration and avoid starting any new project that requires a lot of time and investment. You should lie low and concentrate on your physical and emotional health for the time being.


You tend to be an emotional person, eclipse or no eclipse, so it is to be expected that the lunar eclipse will affect your sign the most. Expect to be confronted with a total shift in your strongly held beliefs and be wrenched out of your comfort zone in the coming days. What you need to concentrate on is your work and maintaining relationships with your family. Reach out to any trusted loved ones if things start getting too overwhelming.