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Can The ‘Ketchup Test’ Determine The Future Of Your Relationship?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Thousands of years ago, people had to prove their love by waging wars against empires or writing sonnets that can move one to tears, even centuries later. In 2024, however, all you need is to peel an orange or, as in this case, clean some ketchup.

A relationship trend that has been getting increasingly popular on the Internet is the ‘Ketchup Test’. Intrigued? Take a deep dive into this latest relationship trend with us and, perhaps, it could help you determine whether your partner is ‘The One’ for you or not…

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What Is The ‘Ketchup Test’?

As the name suggests, the test involves people pouring ketchup onto a surface and asking their partners to clean it. That’s it.

While #KetchupChallenge has racked up millions of views across social media platforms, it’s still unclear what the test determines. In some cases, the posters appear to be impressed by their partner’s response and cleaning techniques while in some, they’ve expressed their disappointment at their SO’s failure to complete a mundane task.

Is The ‘Ketchup Test’ Harmful To A Healthy Relationship?

Even though it’s seemingly innocuous, the ‘Ketchup Test’ has actually been pronounced problematic by many experts. Testing a relationship is a toxic practice on its own but documenting it for thousands of people online is a unique problem that’s germinating real time and could have unforeseen long-term implications. The test also oversimplifies complex relationship dynamics and promotes an imbalance of power in a relationship.

This is backed by many users who have commented on these challenge videos, calling out the weaponised incompetence exhibited by men in some cases and the overly effusive reactions of some testers as their partners do a basic domestic task.

The best way to gauge whether your relationship can stand the test of time is not through a random internet challenge. Whether it’s setting boundaries early on in your relationship or getting on the same page about your expectations from each other — Communication, trust, chemistry, compatilbility, timing... there’s so many things that can determine the success or failure of a relationship. The only thing the #KetchupChallenge can establish is your partner’s ability’s to clean up a mess.

What’s your take on this latest relationship trend?