Shahzeen Shivdasani On Relationships And The ‘Orange Peel Theory’

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Chaiti Narula


Valentine’s week is here and we don’t plan to get mushy. We’d rather get down to brass tracks and discuss the trending theories on dating and love!


This week’s new episode of The Clique features Shahzeen Shivdasani a.k.a. Avec Shaz, an author and relationship expert, who loves to decode viral dating trends and what they mean. She has a fun conversation on relationship theories that have the internet in a tizzy and often in splits!


You probably know all about the orange peel theory if you have a remotely functional Instagram account but what does it actually mean when it comes to love languages? What are the red and green flags when it comes to dating? Are they ‘Run Lola Run’ flags? Or do you just need to give the benefit of doubt to someone you’re dating? When it comes to dating, humans have always been plagued with questions, no matter how old or new their relationship is. Avec Shaz breaks it down with a heady dose of laughter, sense and sensibility!

Watch The New Episode Of The Clique Ft Avec Shaz Here: