Strong Solar Flare

A Strong Solar Flare Is Going To Hit Earth This Weekend

In news that would make you go ‘Why isn’t everyone talking about this?’, a massive solar flare has erupted on the Earth-facing side of the sun and fast winds from the flare can be expected to hit the planet between Friday night and Saturday morning. In case you didn’t know, activity in the sun is ramping up as part of the star’s 11-year cycle of hi

Asteroid Impact Illustration

Yikes! Two Giant Asteroids Will Hurtle Past Earth This Weekend

There’s a lot going on in the world of astronomers and space. The James Webb Telescope is not letting up and is sending one stunning image of the ancient universe after another and strange, invisible black holes are also being discovered lurking outside our galaxy. If that wasn’t enough, NASA reports that the Earth will have two skyscraper-sized as


A Massive Sunspot Has Doubled In Size And Here’s Why It’s Alarming

In today’s edition of ‘terrifying space thing that could potentially cause major harm on Earth’, we have a gigantic sunspot that is facing the planet and which doubled in size overnight. The sunspot, known as AR3038, is now roughly three times the size of Earth. The Solar Dynamics Observatory at NASA is keeping a close eye on the spot for any indic