Asteroid near Earth

A Massive Asteroid Is Going To Approach Earth On Wednesday

Outer space is full of mysteries and objects that routinely threaten our lives on Earth. If it’s not black holes or radio signal-scrambling solar winds, it’s supermassive asteroids that try to get too close to the Earth for comfort. Yes, the same asteroids that were possibly responsible for the reason why John Hammond had to genetically engineer a

Artemis I mission NASA

NASA Is Sending A Rocket To The Moon With A Special Crew

NASA is all set to launch its most powerful rocket yet and it carries some unique surprises. The Artemis I mission will take off from Earth on August 29, 2022, to set off on a journey around the moon. However, no human being will be onboard the Orion capsule attached to the mission. But the spaceship won’t be empty. MORE: NASA Released Images From

Asteroid Impact Illustration

Yikes! Two Giant Asteroids Will Hurtle Past Earth This Weekend

There’s a lot going on in the world of astronomers and space. The James Webb Telescope is not letting up and is sending one stunning image of the ancient universe after another and strange, invisible black holes are also being discovered lurking outside our galaxy. If that wasn’t enough, NASA reports that the Earth will have two skyscraper-sized as