James Webb Telescope’s Mars Picture© Getty Images

James Webb Telescope Shows Us Mars Like Never Before

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

NASA’s James Webb telescope has already made history with some of the discoveries it has presented to the world. The telescope released its first batch of pictures in July, giving us a fascinating glimpse into galaxies that are far, far, away. But it’s nowhere near stopping, as it recently released new images of Mars that gives us a detailed look into the planet.

The James Webb telescope can study short-term events like weather patterns and dust storms on Mars, which takes us closer to understanding the atmosphere on the planet. Being the most powerful space telescope to have ever been created, it can detect light from even distant galaxies, because of which Mars looks a lot brighter than what we’ve expected.

While procuring the images, scientists have had to use special techniques and instruments to make sure that Webb doesn’t get flooded with light.

Upon further studying the atmosphere of Mars, the telescope’s NRICam has discovered that there are traces of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water present on the planet.

Researching this data can help scientists find out more information about the surface, dust and cloud formation on Mars. NASA has also shared a few stunning images of the planet Jupiter, which were taken by the James Webb telescope, which was processed by a citizen scientist, Judy Schmidt. The image shows great details of the planet, including a clear view of the Great Red Spot.