Based On Zodiac Sign

Deepika Padukone for HELLO! India

The 6 Sexiest Zodiac Signs That Never Fail To Turn Up the Heat!

Your zodiac sign, a celestial fingerprint, might hold the answers to why you’re never on time or you’re ideal travel buddy. It’s all about how the placement of stars affect your personality and traits. And today, we’re here to unravel the star-studded lineup of the six zodiac signs that are just born to be sexy, while also talking about what makes

Messiest Zodiac Signs

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Messiest Of Them All

Do you constantly find yourself at the receiving end of a well-deserved rant about your messy habits? Are you someone who thrives in ‘organised chaos’? If the answers to both these questions are a resounding ‘Yes!’, then it could be because being messy is written in the stars for you. There are four zodiac signs that are the messiest out of the 12

Shopping Together

These Zodiac Signs Should Never Go Shopping Together

Did you ever think a simple thing like a trip to the mall can be contentious? As it turns out, our different personality traits can define the kind of shoppers we’ll be and a shopping trip with friends who might not share similar traits as you might prove to be disastrous. While there are some shoppers who get a dopamine rush from swiping their car