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What Does April’s Total Solar Eclipse Mean For Your Zodiac Sign

The total solar eclipse occuring on April 8, 2024, is set to be an extraordinary event. And if you live in USA, Canada, England or Mexico, it’s going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness, as they are visible to an individual location only once every 400 years.

This solar eclipse takes place in the fearless sign of Aries. However, the first bit of eclipse action took place on March 25th, which will bring a penumbral lunar eclipse, causing one portion of the moon to experience limb-darkening as seen from earth over approximately a 2-hour duration. But what does this cosmic time mean for the zodiacs?

The expert astrologers at Psychic World teamed up with Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, to provide insight into what the cosmic time between March 25 to April 8 will mean for you.

Total Solar Eclipse: What Does This Mean For You?

This total solar eclipse is considered particularly lucky, and you’re in for a real treat if you bore witness when the moon comes between the earth and sun, briefly turning the day into night. But when the light returns, so will clarity.

But, how can we use this great astrological event to manifest our wildest dreams? Or gain clarity on something once lost?

“The Sun represents all that is clear, obvious and self-explanatory. Those things will be hidden by the moon during the total solar eclipse, which represents illusion, delusion and madness. This means that fringe ideas will take over from mainstream thinking. Spiritually, the time of the solar eclipse is of great significance. An eclipse could change the weather, as temperatures drop and can change the body’s natural wake/sleep pattern, causing sleep problems,” Inbaal states.

“It can even confuse farm animals. It is seen as a time of worry — the ancients would believe that the sun is about to abandon the earth at the time of the eclipse. As the light leaves us temporarily at the time of the solar eclipse, this can be seen as an opportunity for darkness to thrive — lies and secrets are seen out in the open, and dishonesty can be noticed and called out,” the celebrity astrologist adds.

Can We Use The Total Solar Eclipse To Our Advantage?

The solar eclipse is a great time to manifest new beginnings, as well as new leadership — summoning you to take charge and blaze trails where your talents are in demand.

Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ comet will also sit right next to the total solar eclipse, symbolising the unlocked wisdom that will come from this astrological event. Take this time as a second chance at the New Year, taking initiative and trying new things.

Inbaal adds, “As fantasies take over the narrative, goals for the future become more apparent. It can be seen with great clarity, that changes are needed, and exactly what those changes are. Outdoor manifesting in nature is suitable at the time of the solar eclipse, embracing the shadow time and visualising how different things will be when the sun returns. An affirmation for the time of the solar eclipse is: I accept my shadow side and celebrate it.”

Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected?


Inbaal Honigman says, “The sun itself is the ruler of the sign of Leo, so this sign would be affected during the eclipse. Leos like to be admired and seen, they thrive on attention and positive reinforcement. The shadowy nature of the eclipse could bring the Leo back down to earth and they’ll struggle to thrive away from full sunlight.”


“The eclipse will take place in the sign of Aries, which means those born under the sign of the Ram would feel the wrath of the sun. Aries is a direct and fearless fire sign, who is happy to face big decisions head-on. The solar eclipse is a tough time for Aries, as their directness is brought into question and secrecy is favoured over blunt honesty.”

Where Can You See The Solar Eclipse From?

The total solar eclipse can be seen from most of Wales, Scotland, northwest of England and the extreme southwest, from 19.55pm to 20.18pm.

The whole of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will also be able to see the partial eclipse.

In the US, though the Total Solar Eclipse can be seen from many U.S. states, Mexico, and south east Canada, New York will be at the centre, shortly after 2pm EST.

Since this solar eclipse will not be visible from India, you can also tune in to the eclipse live on Space.com.