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The K-Pop Song That Represents You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

One of the best things about K-pop, aside from the intense choreography that you can spend hours practicing in front of the mirror for your imaginary audience and the high production values, is that there’s something for everyone.

While many people still bear misconceptions that K-pop is all about inane lyrics and fast-moving, vivid visuals, K-pop music encompasses a host of genres and often covers complex themes.

This is why, whether you’re someone who can recite fanchants at the drop of the hat or someone who still counts Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ as the only K-pop song they know, there’s a K-pop song for everyone.

To test out this theory, we decided to put in the work and match different K-pop songs to zodiac signs and you can read on to find which one represents you the best! (Bonus: You might end up with the next favourite track on your playlist!)...

Which K-pop Song Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: Blackpink’s ‘How You Like That’

Bold and determined Aries can relate to the spirit of one of Blackpink’s most popular tracks ‘How You Like That’. The song’s core message about being dauntless in the face of challenge and not backing down is perfect for people born under the sign.

Taurus: Stray Kids’ ‘My Pace’

While Taureans are known to give into excesses, boundaries and knowing the importance of slowing down is something nobody understands better than them. This is why Stray Kids’ 2018 track ‘My Pace’ fits perfectly with them. The song encourages people to not give in to insecurities and take things at their own pace.

Gemini: 2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best’

It won’t be a stretch to say that Gemini’s innate self-confidence sometimes borders on narcissism. The bright and confident sign, however, owns their personality, flaws and all, which is why this iconic K-pop track fits perfectly with them. The song’s title is all you need to know why!

Cancer: BTS’ ‘Home’

Aside from being homebodies, Cancerians are born nurturers. They gain strength and peace when they’re surrounded by loved ones and are in their perfectly curated space. This track by K-pop supergroup BTS embodies just that. Despite the band’s mega success globally, they claim that they feel most comfortable, and at home, when they’re with the people who love them AKA they’re fans.

Leo: (G)I-DLE’s Queencard

This viral earworm might seem inane at first but a closer look at the lyrics will tell you how it’s the perfect self-love anthem you need right now. It also mirrors Leo’s inherent confidence and ability to not only lift themselves up but empower those around them.

Virgo: Red Velvet’s ‘Perfect 10’

A Virgo might be many things but one of the most common traits shared across the board is their need for perfection. The Red Velvet song from 2018 talks about how the singer can make themselves the perfect version of themselves for the person they love. Whether it’s love or their professional life, Virgos will never settle for anything less than perfect from themselves.

Libra: BTS Jimin’s ‘Serendipity’

BTS’ Jimin is known for his soul-stirring vocals and transcendant dance moves that perfectly capture the essence of the well-crafted lyrics. The song talks about love that’s been fated and the soothing composition and romantic lyrics are perfect for peace-seeking Libras who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Scorpio: TXT’s ‘Devil By The Window’

Mysterious and moody Scorpios love watching people keep up with their enigmatic personas. Their inherent ability to hide more than what they show goes perfectly with TXT’s 2023 track ‘Devil By The Window’. The song intrigued fans with its enigmatic lyrics that allowed them to pour over the symbolism and possible meaning behind it.

Sagittarius: IU’s ‘Eight Feat. Suga’

If there’s one sign that loves to take stock of their inner self from time to time and never shy away from a lengthy introspection session, it’s Sagittarius. IU and BTS’ Suga’s award-wininng collaboration ‘Eight’ is right up their alley. The song talks about self discovery and learning to deal with loss and regret that goes hand in hand with growing up and moving on.

Capricorn: Aespa’s ‘Next Level’

No-nonsense Capricorns know their self worth and refuse to settle for anything less. Their competitive attitude allows them to power through difficult situations effortlessly. Aespa’s popular track ‘Next Level’ is basically a Capricorn theme song!

Aquarius: Mamamoo ‘HIP’

Brimming with self-confidence and an enviable disregard for others’ opinions, Aquarians can teach a thing or two about self love. Mamammoo’s incredibly catchy track ‘HIP’ is an Aquarian war cry as it is all about living a life that you care about and not paying attention to what others (haters) have to say.

Pisces: Twice’s ‘What Is Love?’

Dreamy and romantic Pisces have their head in the clouds, especially when it comes to love. They love getting swept off their feet and are content to revel in the mere idea of love. What better song to encapsulate that feeling other than Twice’s hit track ‘What Is Love?’. The song has the group members wonder what love truly is as all they’ve learned is from books, movies, and TV shows.