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4 Zodiac Signs That Take New Year’s Resolutions Very Seriously

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

It’s that time of the year again when you fervently make promises to yourself that you will cut down on your sugar intake from January 1st or that you will read the books that are piling up precariously on your nightstand in place of mindlessly scrolling through Reels on Instagram.

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As well-intentioned as these resolutions might be, it’s a truth universally accepted that the drive to fulfil these fizzles out when the calendar flips to February 1st.

But some zodiac signs evade this common phenomenon and somehow manage to stick to their resolutions and goals throughout the year.

These signs are recognised for their determination and goal-oriented mindsets which allows them to follow through on the resolutions they make before the year begins. Here are the four zodiac signs that will stick to their resolutions till the end…

Zodiac Signs That Stick To Their New Year’s Resolutions


Stubborn and determined Aries are notorious for being competitive in nature. Once they’ve made up their mind about something, they don’t rest until they’ve seen it through. This helps them stick to their resolutions without giving up halway through the year.


If there’s someone who would get nightmares about not following through on pre-set plans, it’s a Virgo. Meticulous and organised, this sign is a perfectionist and loves to plan in advance so that they can remain one step ahead all the time. This extends to the goals they set out for themselves too.

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Scorpio’s characteristic intensity manifests through their determination to accomplish the goals set in front of them. Their relentless spirit is aided by their ability to strategically plan ahead, a combination that makes it impossible for them to ditch their new year’s resolutions halfway.


If there was ever a list of most determined zodiac signs, Capricorns would top it without any doubt. Their self-discipline is legendary and their prgamatic approach to life allows them to cultivate a goal-oriented mindset. Capricorns are also devoted to personal growth so they will never miss an opportunity to work on themselves through the resolutions they make for themselves.