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Habits To Let Go (And Form) In 2024, As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Chharu Dhingra

Now that we’ve bid adieu to 2023 and stepped into 2024, it’s the perfect time for a cosmic check-in. Imagine astrology as that fun, wise friend who knows just what to say. It’s been quite a year, with the stars guiding, nudging and sometimes, throwing curveballs our way.

Keeping up with the “new year, new me” philosophy, let’s get ready to kiss some old habits goodbye and welcome new adventures with open arms. Here’s the lowdown on what each zodiac sign should wave off from 2023 and the exciting vibes to say hello to in 2024. Get ready for some star-studded advice!


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Hasty Habits

You might’ve found yourself jumping the gun more often than not in 2023. Those quick tempers and snap decisions? Time to leave them in the rearview mirror.

In 2024, Say Hello To Insight

Surround yourself with positivity and watch your social circle grow!


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Over-Extending

Taurus, last year you may have stretched yourself too thin for others, often neglecting your own needs. Remember, self-care isn’t selfish.

In 2024, Say Hello To Harmony

Embrace the journey within—indulge in your passions and find your zen.

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From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Neglecting Wellness

Gemini, you may have put your health on the back burner. Those skipped workouts and stress eating? Let’s turn over a new leaf.

In 2024, Say Hello To Vitality

A healthy mind and body pave the way for breakthroughs. Eat well, move more!


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Emotional Turbulence

Cancer, 2023 might’ve seen you riding a rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes at the cost of your relationships. It’s time for emotional balance.

In 2024, Say Hello To Compassion

Cultivate kindness—your heart and relationships will thank you.


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Financial Folly

Leo, your love for luxury may have led to some financial strains. Those extravagant impulses? Time to keep them in check.

In 2024, Say Hello To Prudence

A penny saved is a penny earned—and humility is the new luxury.

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From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Overthinking

Virgo, you may have found yourself in a spiral of overanalysis last year, leading to stress. Those perfectionist tendencies? Time to ease up.

In 2024, Say Hello To Spontaneity

Life’s too short—savour the surprises.


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Misplaced Trust

Libra, you might have been too trusting, sometimes to your detriment. Those disappointments? Lessons in disguise.

2024, Say Hello To Discernment

Trust your intuition—it’s your secret compass.


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Work Overload

Scorpio, you may have prioritised work over family, missing out on valuable moments. Remember, life’s about balance.

In 2024, Say Hello To Connection

Family ties are your true treasure.


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Self-Centeredness

Sagittarius, in 2023, you might’ve focused a bit too much on yourself. Those moments of insensitivity? Time to reflect and grow.

In 2024, Say Hello To Empathy

Empathy is your gateway to deeper connections.


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Rigid Control

Capricorn, you may have been a bit too set in your ways, resisting change and new ideas. Remember, flexibility is a virtue.

In 2024, Say Hello To Adaptability

Embrace change—it’s the catalyst for growth.

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From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Chaos

Aquarius, disorganisation might’ve been your unintended companion this year. Those cluttered spaces and thoughts? Time to clear them up.

In 2024, Say Hello To Clarity

Clarity and order are your new best friends.


From 2023, Kiss Goodbye To Escapism

Pisces, you may have spent too much time in your dream world, avoiding realities. Those flights of fancy? Time to get grounded.

In 2024, Say Hello To Grounding

Embrace the present—it’s where life happens.