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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Benefit From August’s Supermoon

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

August is finally here and it brings with it some incredibly rare lunar events. On the first day of the month, we’ll witness the year’s third full moon which is not going to be an ordinary full moon. The Sturgeon moon of August 2023 is going to be a supermoon. Not only this, the month will also end with a full moon, this time a rare Blue moon.

While we did get into how the full moon will bring chaos to three zodiac signs, it’s also a time when a few signs will thrive.

Full moons typically signify finality as it’s the end of a lunar cycle. It usually brings upon changes in energy and is, therefore, a great time for manifestation. While it indicates endings, it also means that this is the time for fresh beginnings for some.

Zodiac Signs That Will Be Affected Positively By August’s Supermoon

Here are four zodiac signs that will have the best time this month because of the full moon…

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This is a great time for the adventurer in you, Gemini! The full moon in Aquarius means that you’ll be pushed to your limits and it will give you an opportunity to broaden your horizons and embrace the unknown.


Whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship, this is a great time for your love life. For couples who have been committed for a long time, taking the next big step should be easy during this time as long as you’re willing to open up for honest and vulnerable communication. Singles, your soulmate might be around the corner so keep your heart and mind open.


This is the time to bring out your inner social butterfly. The full moon will help you highlight your inherent charm and personability and will give you an opportunity to expand your network. On both, the personal and professional, fronts, this is a great time to out yourself out there and see where it takes you.


Your hard work and commitment to your project are going to pay off majorly, dear Capricorn! This is a period of financial success and stability for you. Be cautious while making big decisions and invest wisely.