Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Half-Tucked Pony Is The Easiest And Coolest Hairdo Of The Season

Trust Kim Kardashian to keep blessing us with chic hairdos to try for the season. Lately, the reality superstar has kept away from her signature water waves and has been spotted in different kinds of updos that have caught the eye of beauty girls around the world. First there was her Barbiecore updo and now it’s her recent-favourite half-tucked pon

9 Most Extravagant Gifts That Celebrities Have Given To Each Other

To be fair, we should not be surprised at the over-the-top things celebrities like to get up to, whether it’s the way they name their children or their choices of gifts to each other. More recently, Priyanka Chopra shared that Nick Jonas gifted her a personalised all-terrain vehicle (ATV) because why not? The actress, who is busy shooting for the u

Kim Kardashian Has Been Banned From Buying Certain Kinds Of Ferraris

You’d think brands would be lining up to get an endorsement, or even a shout out, from the most popular and successful Kardashian herself. But as it turns out, Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari doesn’t fully agree. As a response to reports that Kim Kardashian has been added to an alleged blacklist of celebrities banned from buying a Fe