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Here’s How December’s Full Cold Moon Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

With Christmas day behind us, it’s officially the start of party season. The year’s end is approaching, and most of us are already dealing with group chats that are bustling with New Year’s Eve plans and screenshotted party-fit inspirations. But the full moon on December 26, 2023, calls for you to hit pause and reflect on what the year’s last full moon may mean for your zodiac sign.

What Is The Cold Moon Of December 2023?

December’s last full moon is also called the ‘Cold Moon’ or ‘Snow Moon’. It is named so because it marks the beginning of extreme cold weather in the northern hemisphere. The lunar event will occur on December 26th, when the moon reaches its full peak in the sign of Cancer.

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What is the astrological significance of the Cold Moon of December 2023?

Since the moon rises in the sign of Cancer, it signifies a huge energy release and ushers in a period of healing and closure for all signs before the year’s end. The lunar event puts us all in a refelctive zone, giving us an opportunity to look back and work on letting go of things that no longer serve us purpose and in process, feel lighter.

What zodiac signs will be most affected by the Cold Moon of December 2023?

While the full moon signals emotional turbulence for all 12 zodiac signs, four signs in particular will have to brace themselves for the impact, as the moon peaks tonight. Here are the four signs that need to be extra careful of their emotional health in the coming days…


Hot-tempered and stubborn Aries will have to swallow down their impulse of letting their first instinct rule and take a moment before reacting to emotional situations. The period will require you to lean on others for mental support as well as dwell and reflect on your emotional well-being.


The full moon’s energy will bring clarity to you, Gemini. While it will make the path ahead easier to navigate, it will also bring some unwanted emotions to the surface. You need to be cautious and filter out your reactions to ensure harmony around you. This is the period of reflection and a good time to reevaluate your priorities.

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Along with healing and closure, the full moon ushers in a period of transformation around you. The changes can be debilitating, even if they are positive in the long run, and you’ll need to be mindful of this before making any long-term decision. You might have to revisit some closely-held beliefs that shaped your worldview but things will fall into place soon.


You have been all over the place, emotionally as well as physically, over the past few days and you need to pull yourself together. The full moon brings about a period of decompressing and healing for you and you must take full advantage of this. Treat yourself kindly and focus on your emotional well-being before charging into the new year.