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BTS’ Jungkook’s New Hairstyle Is What You Want This Summer

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

There are a few things that BTS’ Jungkook can’t do. Pronounce the word ‘frustrated’ correctly? Maybe not. Send the Internet into a frenzy over a new haircut when he decides to hop on a Weverse Live session with his fans? Without a single doubt.

Over the past few weeks, the vocal line member has surprised ARMYs with impromptu live sessions where he would treat us to mini-concerts, mukbangs, and tattoo tours and, inevitably, cause chaos on Twitter.

So we shouldn’t have been surprised to see a notification that the Golden Maknae was live this morning. In his usual fashion, Jungkook gave fans updates on his dog Bam, spoke about the members, and sang songs for the viewers. But what caught our eye was his new haircut.

The singer had debuted a Wolf Cut mullet during his last Weverse live, where he showed off the new style while finishing a boxing lesson with his trainer.

Experimenting with their hair is not new for BTS members, especially the youngest. Jungkook had been growing out his hair for a long time and has now jumped on the trend that has been driving TikTok wild.

What is the Wolf Cut?

Much like most trends populating the beauty and fashion spaces online, the Wolf Cut is a reprisal of a popular trend from the ’70s. It’s a modernised version of the mullet and can be identified with lots of volume on the top and fringe layers towards the bottom. The gender-neutral cut has become a celebrity favourite too.

Aside from Jungkook, celebrities like Billie Eilish, Jenna Ortega, Miley Cyrus, and Keke Palmer are already fans of the cut.

Should you get inspired by Jungkook and get the Wolf Cut?

It’s a free world and if you want to get a mullet like your favourite K-pop idol, who is stopping you? However, there are a few things you should know before getting the chop…

Will a wolf cut suit your face shape?

The beauty of the cut is that it’s super versatile. You can adjust the length and number of layers depending on how you want it to frame your face. Ideally, the cut works perfectly for those with oval, round, and square faces. Ultimately, the edgy cut is about confidence. If you think you look good with the modern-style mullet, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it!

Will it be really difficult to maintain?

Yes and no. The Wolf Cut has the advantage of being an already shaggy and messy hair cut so it doesn’t require much styling. If you have wavy or curly hair, this one is made for you. The style perfectly emphasises your beautiful hair texture and you don’t need any heat or additional products to style it. If you want, you can mist in some texturising spray and rake your fingers through your hair to style it. Additionally, if you have frizzy hair, you can apply a leave-in hydrating conditioner to keep your locks moisturised.

However, if you have fine, straight hair, you might need a couple of extra steps to bring life to the cut. You’d need to go over the end of the layers with a curling iron to add shape to the cut. After you’ve created the waves, you can add in some dry shampoo and texturising spray to add more volume to the look.

What are some Wolf Cut styles you can try?

You can go for the classic, like Jungkook’s, as it’s low maintenance, suits most face shapes, and offers a lot of versatility in styling.

Or you can go all out with the choppy layers, like Miley Cyrus and add a lot of texture and volume to your hair.

There’s also the more subtle version of the cut, which looks a lot like the iconic Farrah Fawcett blowout from the same era and also gained TikTok popularity recently.

If you’re brave enough to chop off most of your length, then go for a pixie Wolf Cut. It can be extremely flattering and looks super chic and edgy.

So would you try the Wolf Cut this summer?