Suga D-Day concept photo© Big Hit

Listen To These Tracks By BTS’ Suga As You Wait For ‘D-Day’

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Ever since BTS’ Suga announced that he would be releasing his first solo studio album, just ahead of his world tour, fans’ excitement has been through the roof. The album D-Day will mark the end of the trilogy featuring his alter ego Agust D.

Suga, or Min Yoongi, introduced the world to Agust D back in 2016 and used the alter ego to express his feelings and emotions without any filter through mixtapes released on Soundcloud for free.

Both Suga and Agust D write and rap about hopes and dreams, with lyrics that are unafraid to talk about themes of mental health, the dark side of fame, and regrets about past choices.

Suga had revealed that D-Day would delve into his personal journey as Agust D and offer an intimate portrayal of the artist.

Since there’s still a full day to go before we can hear Suga’s full album, we figured we can loop some of our favourite tracks by the artist in preparation of what’s to come…


Inarguably one of the most savage and well-made tracks by the artist, ‘Daechwita’ from Suga’s second mixtape D-2 is a masterpiece. With the rapper’s signature lyricism, filled with symbolism and historical references, and a music video that could rival any K-drama with its slick production and storyline, it was no surprise that the song broke several records for the artist.


Suga produces and features as a rapper in this song by IU. The multifaceted artist’s soaring vocals pair well with Suga’s rap and the two swept most of the awards they were nominated for because of the song. The two talented artists have collaborated once again for the pre-release track ‘People Part 2’.

That That

The ‘Gangnam Style’ hitmaker Psy surprised fans all over the world when he announced that he was collaborating with the BTS rapper for a track on his eighth studio album Psy 9th. According to Suga, he was never meant to feature on the track and only wanted to produce it for the K-pop veteran. But when Psy heard the track, he convinced Suga to not only feature on the song but also appear in the music video.

Burn It

There are many lyrics by Suga that have stuck with ARMYs for a long time but none have had the same impact as one of the lines from this song from D-2. In the song about difficulties of accepting oneself and the mistakes he’s made in the past, Suga raps, “I hope you don’t forget that giving decisively also counts as courage.” The song features American singer MAX who is a close friend of the rapper.

Interlude: Shadow

The rapper presented a sobering reminder of the dark side of fame in this track from BTS’ 2020 album Map of the Soul: 7. In the song, he talks about being under a microscope and to be constantly surrounded by the fear of losing everything he has worked hard for.

So Far Away

One of the lesser known tracks by the rapper, this R&B track features vocalist Suran and is the last track of his first mixtape Agust D. The rapper talks about the difficulty of chasing a dream in the song. Suran’s voice matched with the catchy hook makes it a track we always have on repeat in our playlists.

Trivia: Seesaw

This fan-favourite track from BTS’ Love Yourself: Answer is extra special for ARMYs as it features the rapper singing. In the song, he compares a rocky relationship to a game of seesaw where no one wants to step off. The toxic relationship is only continuing because the partners are used to each other.

What Do You Think?

This diss track from D-2 is classic Agust D where he decimates anyone who compares their success to his through his sharp lyrics and rap. The catchy hook will make sure the song gets stuck in your head all day long.

Agust D

Last, but definitely not the least, is the title track from his first solo mixtape as Agust D. In the song, the rapper bares it all and talks about his inner thoughts about stardom with his explicit-laden rap. The accompanying music video only adds to the power of the lyrics.