BTS Suga New Album Announcement© Getty Images

BTS’ Suga Surprises Fans By An Album Announcement

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

So far, BTS’ second chapter has been filled with unexpected twists and turns (and a new aversion to shirts). After dropping the news of a world tour, rap line member Suga, or Min Yoongi, has announced that he would be releasing his debut solo studio album this month.

To be fair, the album’s imminent release was teased when they released the teaser for his upcoming Disney+ documentary series SUGA: Road to D-Day. The documentary is going to follow the rapper across the world and chart the journey to his album, which is called D-Day.

The album will be released under his alter ego Agust D, the name he has previously used to release music outside of BTS. D-Day would be the third, and final, part of the trilogy that began with Agust D, followed by D-2.

According to Weverse, the album “delves into the personal journey of Suga as Agust D and offers an intimate portrayal of his life as an artist.”

Before the album releases on 21 April, Suga plans to drop a pre-release track on 7 April.

Needless to say, ARMYs are over the moon ever since the announcement was made.

Suga will be the fourth member of BTS to release a solo studio album, after J-Hope’s Jack In The Box, RM’s Indigo, and Jimin’s Face. All three albums broke records and set new ones upon their release, with the most recent one by Jimin becoming the highest charting title in Billboard 200 history at no 2, a first for any South Korean solo artist.

How excited are you about Agust D’s upcoming album?