IU's 'Love Wins all'© IU

9 Iconic K-Pop Collaborations That We Play On A Loop

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

K-pop fans were gifted another collaboration that hardly felt real because it had two mega forces coming together. IU released her new track ‘Love Wins All’ and roped in BTS’ V, or Kim Taehyung, as her co-star in the music video.

The heartbreaking video has IU and V play survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where alien floating cubes are hunting humans. While we didn’t hear V’s deep vocals in the song, seeing the singer in the music video with IU was a treat.

Best K-Pop Collaborations

This is not the first time when K-pop artists have joined forces to produce tracks that are instant hits. Take a look at some of our favourite K-pop collaborations that we can’t get enough of…

‘No.2’ by RM, featuring Park Ji-yoon (2022)

BTS’ leader and rapper RM collaborated with many incredible artists for his debut solo album Indigo, including youjeen, Tablo, Paul Blanco, Anderson .Paak, and Erykah Badu. But the one that holds a special place in all the fans’ hearts is the track ‘No. 2’ where he teams up with Park Ji-yoon to deliver a message that you’re the best version of yourself in the present as whatever choice you made in the past was the best one at the time.

‘Eight’ by IU, featuring (and produced by) Suga (2020)

IU and BTS’ Suga are one of the most talented songwriters and producers of recent times and fans were, naturally, excited to know that the two icons would be collaborating on a track. Their track ‘Eight’ didn’t disappoint and went on to become a hit both commercially and critically.

‘No Problem’ by Nayeon, featuring Felix (2022)

Twice’s Nayeon enlisted her JYP labelmate Felix, of Stray Kids, to come on board as a rapper on her track ‘No Problem’. The second track on her debut solo album Im Nayeon, ‘No Problem’ is a fun disco pop track about the power of love.

‘That That’ by Psy, featuring Suga (2022)

Psy and BTS are two of the most globally recognised faces of K-pop and so it was monumental when the legendary singer teamed up with his fellow Korean icon Suga to create the track ‘That That’. Suga was originally supposed to produce the track but got roped in to not only feature as a rapper on the song but to also appear in the choreography-heavy music video.

‘Dream’ by Suzy and Baekhyun (2016)

Ace vocalists Miss A’s Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun came together for the romantic duet ‘Dream’. The song topped the charts at the time and even won awards for the collaboration.

‘Don’t Touch Me’ by The Refund Sisters (2020)

Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung-hwa, Jessi, and Hwasa came together to form the unofficial girl group ‘The Refund Sisters’ and released an unapologetic female anthem ‘Don’t Touch Me’. The four soloists are known to shun societal expectations and this fierce attitude reflected on the track.

‘Lollipop’ by 2NE1 and BigBang (2010)

K-pop girlgroup burst onto the consciousness of the world with a catchy track meant to be a jingle for a cell phone. The song ‘Lollipop’ also featured legendary idol group BigBang and it became one of the most iconic K-pop collaborations of all time.

‘Shoong’ by Taeyang, featuring Lisa (2023)

Former BigBang member Taeyang got Blackpink’s Lisa to collaborate on the track ‘Shoong’ for his EP Down To Earth. The track was accompanied with a performance video where the Taeyang and Lisa flawlessly executed the choreography.

‘Dessert’ by Hyoyeon, featuring Jeon Soyeon and Loopy (2022)

Girls’ Generation member Hoyeon’s first EP Deep had her collaborating with (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and Loopy for her track ‘Dessert’. The featuring acts complemented Hoyeon’s vocals with their catchy raps.