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7 Things You Can Do Till BTS Returns From Their Military Service

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

ICYMI, all seven members of the South Korean band BTS have left for their mandatory military enlistment. BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook will reunite in 2025 to possibly release a new album and go on a tour for their fans (aka ARMY) around the world.

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All men in South Korea, aged between 18-35, have to enlist in the military as part of the country’s conscription policy. Despite their exemption being debated and discussed by government officials for years, BTS members collectively decided to complete their military service and reunite in 2025.

After Jin, J-Hope and Suga, the remaining four members, RM, V, Jimin and Jungkook, also left for their service recently. Jungkook logged onto Weverse Live for the last time before his return from the military to wish ARMYs goodbye in his inimitable way.

While falling into a pit of despair and rewatching old episodes of Run BTS is always an option, there are other things you can do to pass the time till they get back. You can stream their songs, both as a group and their solo projects, or donate to their favourite causes. If you’re looking for more ways to spend time till you can see OT7 reunite, here’s our list…

How To Spend Time Till BTS Returns From The Military

Read books recommended by RM

BTS leader Kim Namjoon, or RM, is a voracious reader and over the years, has shared his recommendations of books that have had a huge impact on him. You can add this diverse range of titles to your reading list in case you haven’t already!

Perfect a creative hobby

Make like Kim Taehyung, or V, and take up a creative hobby, like painting or playing a musical instrument, and work hard to get better at it with each passing day. Remember, the ‘Slow Dancing’ singer continued to practice playing the saxophone even while on vacation during the last season of In The Soop.

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Impromptu karaoke sessions

When he’s not busy sharing delicious ramen recipes on Live sessions with his fans, Jungkook is hosting impromptu hours-long concerts with only a karaoke machine and his golden vocals. Next time you find yourself feeling blue while missing the boys, plug in your karaoke machine and belt out your favourite tracks to lift your spirits.

Make something for your loved ones by hand

Min Yoongi, or Suga, won the fans’ hearts all over again when he took up woodworking and decided to make seven identical whale-shaped cutting boards for the members by hand. You can get inspired by him to present your friends or family with something you’ve made by yourself too, whether it’s an adorable woodworking project or an abstract painting that depicts your love for them!

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Perfect the choreographies to all BTS songs

Now that we’re manifesting a world tour after the boys’ return in 2025, you can utilise this time to learn (and perfect) all the complex choreography from their songs. The group has some of the most intricate and complex choreography featured in their songs and you can pretend to be under the watchful glare of dance leader J-Hope to motivate yourself!

Learn Korean to understand their lyrics better

BTS songs have profound and moving lyrics that often feature clever wordplay. Since most of the songs are written by the members themselves, it becomes even more important to know the meaning of the words that play in our ears as we listen to them. You can practice and learn Korean to better understand the deeper meaning behind the lyrics and communicate with the members better by the time they return.

Enjoy things that you like guilt-free

One of the most important things that BTS, especially Jin, taught us is that we should learn to love ourselves and be able to enjoy the things that we enjoy without worrying about what other people think. Jin has been one of the strongest advocates for the philosophy that if doing nothing and just lazying around the whole day made you happy, then the day wasn’t wasted. You can work on prioritising yourself and your happiness over the societal idea of what’s acceptable or not.