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How To Be The Best Social Media Boyfriend Ft. Our Favourite Men

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Gone are the days when love was all about bringing flowers, showering your partners with gifts, dedicating songs to them, or even writing them long love letters filled with all the emotions one can ever have. In 2022, being in a relationship is all about getting the perfect shots of your partner for the ’gram, amongst other things. While most women do pass the social media test of capturing their partner’s best angles that makes them look like a literal star, some men need a little extra help in that department. Enter us.

We’ve drawn up the perfect cheat-sheet for all the men, so you can take professional-level photos of your partner. Get ready to earn some serious brownie points!

Get Her Best Angles Right

Rule number one of taking your partner’s picture: Always get her best angle in the frame. Finding a flattering angle is absolutely key, and the “you look perfect from every angle” compliment will not save you time. So, if she loves how her smile looks from a certain angle, make sure to always capture it. Speaking of, Ranbir, can you please drop a YouTube tutorial on your hands-down brilliant photography skills?

Get Some Sun-Kissed Shots

Kim Kardashian has “passed” her boyfriend Pete Davidson when it comes to taking her pictures for social media. Being on a beach-y holiday calls for some sun-kissed shots, so always have your phone on the ready to take some gorgeous pictures of your partner.

Couples Who Twin, Win

Subtle twinning is the key to your social media game—no, we don’t mean identical printed T-shirts to show off your love. Instead, take cues from our favourite Bollywood couple, Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, who share their ‘sneaker love’ and aren’t afraid to show it to the world. Bottom line: colour coordinate your outfits or wear a similar pair of shoes like the Ahujas.

Effortless Candids Are The Only Way To Their Heart

Boys, it’s time to bring in your best comedic abilities to get that perfect candid shot. Everyone loves a good candid picture, but we love a laughing candid shot even more. Virat Kohli is one of the best cricketers in the world and maybe even the funniest one of them all, as he’s proved time and again.

Get The Entire Outfit In The Frame, (Especially The Earrings)

Ryan Reynolds©Ryan Reynolds

When you are taking a solo picture or even a selfie, it is absolutely essential to get the entire outfit in the frame. It’s time to learn from Ryan Reynolds, who got it right the second time and realised that you can never, ever crop out your wife’s earring, especially if your wife is the ultimate fashion legend, Blake Lively.

Be Her Biggest Hype Man

We love a man who is their partner’s biggest hype man. Take cues from Anand Ahuja, who never misses an opportunity to share with the world how truly brilliant Sonam Kapoor is, making all of us swoon.