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7 Films That Show Anushka Sharma’s Impressive Acting Chops

The Hindi film industry is no stranger to talent, but only a few artists can boast the versatility and charisma that Anushka Sharma brings to the table. From her debut film opposite the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, to the critically-acclaimed eerie flick Pari, Sharma has proved time and again that she can do justice to any role. Ahead, we’ll

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Who Is Your Bollywood Vacation Twin?

Are you someone who loves to plan an extensive itinerary for your vacations so that you don’t miss any important spots? Or do you set off on exciting adventures with just a backpack and truckloads of gumption? We all love to take a break from the monotony of our daily lives and escape to destinations far away from the comforts of our homes for a br

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Gone are the days when love was all about bringing flowers, showering your partners with gifts, dedicating songs to them, or even writing them long love letters filled with all the emotions one can ever have. In 2022, being in a relationship is all about getting the perfect shots of your partner for the ’gram, amongst other things. While most women