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Dove Cameron’s Favourite Snack Combo Is As Unhinged As You Are

Dove Cameron, the ever-charming Descendants star, is known for her unfiltered honesty, both on and off-screen. As she turns 28, let’s dive into the delightful eccentricity that is Dove Cameron’s favourite snack – a surprising combination that may raise eyebrows but, according to her, is an unparalleled sensation.

Dove Cameron’s Favourite Snack

In an interview with Delish, Cameron shared her love for a snack that defies convention. Picture this: brownies and ranch dressing. Yes, you read that right! Before you crinkle your nose in disbelief, Cameron insists it’s a match made in food heaven. A bizarre food combination that she stumbled upon in her childhood and has unabashedly embraced ever since.

The Genesis of the Duo

Cameron defends her unconventional choice by recounting a serendipitous moment when a brownie took an unexpected plunge into her lunch, encountering ranch dressing. Instead of dismissing the chocolatey treat, she took a bold step—she tasted it. According to Cameron, the fusion of sweet and salty, akin to dipping fries into a shake, is a taste revelation that demands sceptics to experience it firsthand. “It’s the same kind of sensation as dipping your fries in a shake. It’s salty and sweet, and you’re just switching it around,” she claims.

The Michelin-Star Pandemic Chef

Cameron, self-proclaimed “Michelin-star” pandemic chef, showcases a diverse palate that goes beyond the brownie-ranch rendezvous. From savoury bell peppers and salsa to guilty pleasures like chilli-cheese fries, she proves that there’s room for everything on her plate. In a First We Feast ‘Snacked’ YouTube video, Cameron even crafts a visually stunning blueberry bagel adorned with cream cheese and rainbow sprinkles, a testament to her adventurous culinary spirit. She also eats her infamous brownie-ranch snack combo in this video.

So, the next time you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen, maybe give this unusual combo a try—after all, as Dove Cameron says, “I don’t know how to make you trust me until you try it.”