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These Are Charlize Theron’s Best Movie Roles Of All Time

It’s time to roll out the red carpet and celebrate the birthday of one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses, Charlize Theron. From working across genres and transforming into powerful and gritty characters, Theron has proven time and again that she’s not just a pretty face but a force to be reckoned with in the world of cinema. Theron’s filmogra

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6 Times Wes Anderson Delivered Cinematic Excellence On Screen

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve recently stumbled upon a delightful video trend circulating the internet. It involves individuals crafting and editing reels in the captivating style reminiscent of the legendary filmmaker Wes Anderson. Picture eccentrically composed frames, meticulous symmetry, and vibrant colour grading t

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Timothee Chalamet’s ‘Dune: Part Two’ Packs A Solid Punch

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Part Two trailer has arrived, and it teases a film that’s even more captivating than its predecessor. Timothee Chalamet’s Paul Atreides is back, plotting his revenge against the Harkonnens who shattered his family. Meanwhile, Zendaya reprises her role as Chani, who only appeared briefly in the first movie, but is now expecte

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Demi Lovato Is Going To Direct This Important Documentary

Singer-actor Demi Lovato is set to venture into film direction with an upcoming Hulu documentary that aims to “deconstruct the highs and lows of growing up in the spotlight” through former child stars. Lovato, who started her career in showbiz as a teen with the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock and went on to establish herself as a popular s

Bruce Willis diagnosed with untreatable Dementia

Bruce Willis Has Dementia & It’s More Serious Than You Think

Action icon Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with untreatable Dementia less than a year after he retired from acting because of growing cognitive difficulties. The 67-year-old US actor best known for his role in the Die Hard franchise stepped away from Hollywood and his acting career in March last year and has been out of the limelight since then. “

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Is Priyanka Chopra Ready To Take On The Rom-Com Lead Crown?

In great news for all the fans (including us) who have been eagerly anticipating Priyanka Chopra’s turn as a true-blue romantic comedy lead, the trailer for her upcoming rom-com Love Again dropped on Valentine’s Day and it hasn’t disappointed. After many delays and a title change, the movie is ready to be released this May. Outlander star Sam Heugh