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Singer Badshah

Badshah Gets Real About His Passion And The Man Beyond His Larger To Life Persona

The king of party anthems, the magician behind many an earworm, Badshah is ubiquitous. From radio stations and pubs to social media, there’s no escaping his music, and there are few complaints. Arguably one of the most successful singer- songwriters of his time, the ‘Bad Boy’ completes 10 years in the industry in 2022, with a record number of chart

Abhishek Bachchan On Making The Transition From The Big Screen To The Small Screen

Abhishek Bachchan exudes an easy-going charm both on screen and off. One of the most well-spoken and articulate actors there is, his sharp wit and sense of humour remain unrivalled. Although his surname spells power and stature in Bollywood’s hallowed halls, Bachchan Junior hasn’t let it weigh him down. Now, after 22 years in the industry, he’s rec

Harshvarrdhan Kapoor and Anil Kapoor for HELLO! India

Anil Kapoor And Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor On Their Favourite Movies, Music, And More

They may be father and son, but stylistically, Anil Kapoor and Harshvarrdhan stand on opposite ends of the showbiz ‘drama’ spectrum. Anil jokes that you’d never see him without professional makeup and a hair stylist, but at the event, he proudly announces how Harshvarrdhan chose to forego both when playing Siddharth in Thar. “This generation doesn’