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Champion Hurdler Colin Ray Jackson Says We All Forget To Breathe!

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Chaiti Narula

Colin Ray Jackson is passionate, focused and serves as an example for anyone wishing to achieve something substantial in life. With a sense of humour and unhinged candor, the champion hurdler spoke about fitness, wellness and mental health on the latest episode of The Clique. Most importantly, he stressed on the fact that every now and then, we all forget to breathe!

A two-time 110m hurdles world record holder and International Ambassador for Tata Steel Kolkata 25k, Colin stated that he prefers training to win and not sustain the win. The obvious follow up question is why?


Watch the latest episode of The Clique feat Colin Ray Jackson to know the mental make-up of this champion who also answers some rapid-fire questions.

Watch The New Episode Of The Clique Ft Colin Ray Jackson Here: