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Lilette And Ira Dubey’s Musical Fuses Mahabharata With Rock Opera

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Chaiti Narula

A mother-daughter relationship is many things. It is camaraderie, it is a war zone at times and one of the most intriguing relationships when turned into colleagues at work!

We caught up with Lilette Dubey and Ira Dubey for their latest play Jaya that is about to hit the theatres coming weekend. This Broadway-style musical is a rock opera in English that presents major events of the Mahabharata in song, dance, music and martial arts. It is the Mahabharta for Gen Z and the 21st century, folks!

A still from the Broadway-style musical ‘Jaya’

In an era where OTT content dominates scripts, keeping theatre alive is a big challenge. This mother daughter duo are steadfast on their commitment to keep that medium alive and kicking regardless of the financial sustainability. When we wonder why; they say it is the love and passion for it all.

In a heartwarming conversation, we learn a lot about how the dynamics are between them at work and home. Watch ‘The Clique’ with Lilette and Ira Dubey here.