Roshni Shaarma interview

Model Roshni Shaarma On Her Journey In Sports & Fashion

She’s beautiful, confident, fiercely independent and determined to make her way in the world her own way. HELLO! is left inspired as the 24-year-old Roshni Shaarma shares how she conquered the art of modelling and is now spiritually inclined in her everyday life. Roshni Shaarma was once “that kid on the field, covered in mud, mucky with dirty scars


These Athletes Are Speaking Up Against The Ban On Transgender Women In Sports

It’s always one step forward and two steps backwards when it comes to the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, whether it’s in India or anywhere in the world. Case in point, the recent bans on transgender women athletes in major sports. Currently 18 states in the United States of America have banned trans girls and women from sports teams that align wit

Bollywood Sports Movies

9 Bollywood Sports Movies To Watch On Netflix, Hotstar, and More, If You Loved Ranveer Singh Starrer ‘83’

There’s something about watching a good sports movie, where the underdog overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to win big at the end, that never fails to induce all emotions possible in the viewer. Paired with a rousing soundtrack, you’ve got cinematic gold right there. Kabir Khan’s 83 is a great example of this, where he retells the story of how