Mahogany Is The Hottest Hair Colour Of The Season

If you’re ready to transform your look and welcome a fresh burst of energy into your life, consider getting mahogany hair. In 2024, this trend has taken the beauty scene by storm, offering a rich, reddish-brown shade with a hint of violet cast. The likes of Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts and Sophie Turner have already embraced this trend, and now, it might be your turn. Let’s explore everything you need to know about the mahogany hair-colour trend, from what it is to how to maintain it.

What Is Mahogany Hair?

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Mahogany hair is more than just a colour; it’s a statement. This reddish-brown shade, reminiscent of deep mahogany wood, brings warmth and dimension to your locks. Mahogany is incredibly versatile, working wonders on all hair types, textures, colours, and lengths. Whether you’re into subtle options like espresso hair or bold choices like mahogany, this trend caters to everyone.

How To Achieve The Look

To bring mahogany to life, it’s crucial to communicate effectively with your colorist. If you’re aiming for a solid tone, ask for an all-over deep reddish-brown shade with a violet cast. For those seeking additional flair, inspiration photos are your best friend – be it balayage, foil, or lowlights, guidance through visuals ensures you get the look you desire. If you’re feeling adventurous, try doing it at home with good quality hair colours.

Maintaining Mahogany Hair At Home

Maintaining the vibrancy of mahogany hair requires some TLC. Invest in quality colour-safe products to preserve the richness of your mane. Using a heat protectant when styling and scheduling touch-up applications every four to six weeks (or every other time for dimensional pieces) will keep your mahogany locks looking fresh.

Who Does This Hair Colour Suit?

The beauty of mahogany hair is nuanced, packed with brown, auburn, and red pigments. Whether you have dark chestnut or brown hair, mahogany suits all complexions and hair types. Salon assessments and personalised applications ensure the perfect mahogany experience tailored to your unique features. Those with fair complexions should lean towards cool-toned mahogany, while warmer reds complement tan or dark skin tones for a natural finish.

The Look and Feel of Mahogany

Mahogany hair colour resembles the rich, reddish-brown wood it’s named after. From subtle deep red accents to vibrant red and purple highlights, the options are endless. The choice between cool plum tones and warmer, chocolatey shades allows for a personalised and natural-looking finish, complementing various skin tones.

Care and Maintenance Tips

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To keep your mahogany hue vibrant, upgrade your haircare routine. Gently cleanse and condition colour-treated hair every week, maintaining its vibrancy, tone, and shine.A good quality dry shampoo comes to the rescue on non-wash days, preventing colour stripping. Additionally, indulge your strands with a weekly hair mask for deep conditioning. For an even application of colour enhancers, use a comb. If opting for copper treatment, apply it once a week to clean, damp hair for five minutes and rinse.