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If You’re A ‘Chai’ Fan, These Nails Are Perfect For You

From the Hailey-Bieber-inspired ‘glazed donut’ chrome nails to the barely there ‘naked’ nails, the world of quiet luxury trends has seen it all. But now, we find ourselves steeped in the warm and delightful embrace of the ‘milk-tea’ manicure. This latest sensation draws inspiration from the ever-popular black tea with milk, creating a creamy light brown palette that not only satisfies your taste buds but also serves as the epitome of minimalist nail chic.

What Are Milk-Tea Nails?

In the realm of nail artistry, milk-tea nails are the reigning champions of simplicity and sophistication. Described as a ‘light brown manicure,’ these nails take cues from the basic ingredients of a classic black tea with milk, resulting in a neutral tone that effortlessly complements any ensemble or beauty look.

How to Recreate Milk-Tea Nails

Achieving the coveted milk-tea nails is all about subtle elegance. The focus here is on colour rather than shape or length. The palette of this nail colour trend is refreshingly limited, ranging from milky whites with a hint of brown to the deeper caramel shades or even dusty pink hues. The play comes with the undertones, where you can choose between cooler or warmer-toned browns, or even experiment with an ombré effect by opting for different shades on each nail.

Styling Tips and Suggestions

Undertone Play

Determining your skin’s undertone can be your secret weapon in nailing the perfect milk-tea shade. Whether you lean towards the warmth of a cosy cup or the coolness of a trendy iced version, the choice is yours.

Milk Tea Nails With Swirls

For a touch of sophistication with a twist, opt for milk-tea nails adorned with playful swirls. It’s the subtle elegance of a classic hue meeting the whimsy of intricate design—because sometimes, a little swirl can add a whole lot of charm to your manicure game.

Gradient Magic

For those feeling a bit adventurous, consider a gradient effect by choosing a different shade for each nail. This playful twist adds an element of fun to the understated elegance of milk-tea nails.

Minimalistic Bliss

The beauty of beige-infused milk-tea nails lies in their ability to effortlessly complement natural and neutral looks. Pair them with earthy tones, pastels, or even bold colours to let your nails stand out in the most understated way.

Milk-Tea Caramel Nails

If you like your milk tea as strong as your opinions, these nails are serving up some serious chai energy. Dark, bold, and unapologetically robust—why settle for a subtle sip when you can have a chai-powered nail extravaganza!

The Bottom Line

The simplicity, versatility, and timeless elegance ‘milk tea’ nails bring make this trend a staple for those who appreciate the artistry of subtlety. So, whether you’re sipping on your favourite brew or not, let your nails indulge in the richness of the milk-tea craze. They’re here to stay.