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11 Nail Colours That Are Perfect To Usher In The Winter Season

As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, there’s one sure-fire way to add a touch of warmth and glamour to the season—through your nails! Bid farewell to the neon hues of summer and dive into the sophisticated and diverse palette that winter brings. From the ever-classic red to the muted charm of sage green, we’ve curated a collection of winter nail ideas that not only capture the essence of the season but also reflect the latest trends that have garnered the A-list’s approval.

Sage Green

Base Colour: Sage green with grey and beige undertones.

Design: Consider a minimalist approach with solid sage green nails for a chic and muted look. Alternatively, explore tonal designs like swirls or abstract patterns for a creative touch.

Midnight Blue

Base Colour: Deep midnight blue.

Design: Recreate a wintry midnight sky with sparkling stars. Use a nail brush to create white, 4-point starbursts on the deep blue base. Enhance the celestial feel by adding tiny crystals into the centre of each star. Finish with a couple of top coats for a glossy and sealed look.

Pristine Snowy White

Base Colour: Crisp white.

Design: Embrace the winter charm with snowflake nail art. Paint your nails a crisp white as the base. Use a fine brush or nail art pen to delicately draw intricate snowflakes on each nail. You can experiment with different snowflake designs to add a touch of magic to your winter manicure.

Metallic Elegance

Base Colour: Chrome finish or metallic silver.

Design: Channel the metallic trend with a chrome finish or metallic silver base. This versatile look works well with any nail shape or length. Experiment with simple designs using metallic shades, and consider introducing a polished metallic element into your nail art for a glamorous touch.


Base Colour: Rich burgundy.

Design: Venture into the heart of winter’s allure with a deep, melancholic burgundy. The versatile range from wine-stained claret to oxblood ensures a timeless and sophisticated manicure.

Deep Green Opulence

Base Colour: Luxurious deep green.

Design: Wrap your nails in the opulence of winter’s embrace with a deep green that echoes the richness of evergreen foliage. Perfect for those craving a touch of natural elegance.

Icy Cool Grey

Base Colour: Cool icy grey.

Design: Lean into winter’s chill with blue-grey polishes boasting icy undertones. The simplicity of a solid icy grey manicure exudes understated elegance, or you can also get creative with DIY nail art like swirls or minimalist patterns.

Pink Chrome Finish Nails

Base Colour: Muted pinks.

Design: Get inspired by Hailey Bieber’s internet-breaking ‘glazed donut’ aesthetic and elevate your winter style with the versatile and fun appeal of metallics. Whether it’s a chic chrome finish or a lustrous metallic silver or rosy pink base, these nails are the epitome of contemporary elegance.

Classic Red Allure

Base Colour: Timeless classic red.

Design: Dive into the depths of winter with a rich, melancholic burgundy red that adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

Sunset Hue Bliss

Base Colour: Warm sunset hues.

Design: Welcome the warmth of a winter sunset with nails adorned in hues reminiscent of the sun’s descent.

Jewel Tones

Base Colour: Deep jewel tones.

Design: Elevate your winter style with rich jewel-toned nails, showcasing the opulence of amethysts, emeralds and sapphires.